HDtracks UK site closed

Went to the HDtracks website today to search for a particular album however this is what I was greeted with.

Have purchased 33 albums from them in the past so was a bit surprised seeing this message. Unlike Highresaudio and Qobuz they did not archive your purchases so it was important to back them up and I’m glad I did so. Just wondering why the decision was made to close the UK site and we could only speculate at this time.

HDTracks German site has gone too.

Can UK buyers use the .com site, or is that only open to US users?

Yes, you should be able to now that the European sites are fully offline and you are redirected to hdtracks.com and not hdtracks.co.uk automatically. Your existing id and password should work (mine do as does my US registration). I would expect that it is best to pay through Paypal. I have had no issues and bought a few albums in the last 30 days. Having been registered from very early on may make a difference but I would not think so as when they set up the UK site I was automatically redirected to that.

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