Headless problem [Resolved]

Hi all,
Newbie here and I am really enjoying Roon since moving from Volumio.
I’ve migrated backup from pc to Intel Nuc and have followed instructions regarding ref settings.
Running on Win 10 and all ok when monitor connected.
I am using my iPhone as remote and Roon core is ‘remote enabled’ but unable to locate Roon.
I’ve gone back into registry to check and all is ok I believe.
I would appreciate any help as I would really like to use remote with just my iPhone or ipad.
Hope this makes sense?

Switch off the firewall in Windows and check if anything changes.

Thanks for your response.Turned of firewall still not connecting .
Been at it for hours!
Try again in the morning :see_no_evil:

Update to my Headless problem… it’s all sorted now yay!!
I wasn’t aware that I had to download Roon server.
I’m not very comfy with computers and my fear was that I had in some way messed up the registry :see_no_evil:.
However I’m now listening to the latest album from London Grammar via my Qubuz account drinking coffee.
Big thanks for the community for helping get it sorted, invaluable resource.x


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