Headless Roon -- NSSM to run as service

My server is a custom silent headless build that sits in my equipment rack, running windows server 2012. The server is connected via USB to my Esoteric K03 DAC. With release 1.1 providing a headless server compatible with windows server OSes, I finally took the plunge and signed up for a lifetime subscription. I have a surface pro that I am using for a remote. Being a headless server, I did not want to have to log on to the machine to start Roon each time. I used NSSM to setup RoonServer.exe to run as a service, which appears to work quite well (though it needs an admin account to run)

I am loving the functionality and overall experience, i’m hooked! I’ve been up to 3:00am several nights re-exploring music I didn’t realize I had. It is a very transformative experience, kudos to the @Not_Roon team for a very well designed and executed product. As a software developer, I also admire the Roon team’s development process and user engagement.

I have one question: My Esoteric DAC has some nasty driver behaviour that will cause the machine to bluescreen/reboot if the DAC is powered down while the audio device is active. Is there any way to force Roon to close the audio device from a remote? Restarting the Roon service/app works, but to do that is a bit awkward.

In the next build you can hit control/cmd-t

Or the stop media key if your keyboard has one

That is great, thanks Danny!

Quick follow up, now that the new build is released, I was able to verify that the <CTRL>+T combo works! Would love to see an actual stop button, though, as getting the onscreen keyboard on my surface w/ win 10 when in tablet mode to invoke the key combo is a bit of a pain.

Another update – in the latest build, Roon will now automatically release the audio device after being paused for 8 seconds. This is fantastic, thank you very much for this @danny!! After 8 seconds, I see the ‘bit perfect’ light go out, and at that point I can shut down my DAC without any crashes. Works perfectly.

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