Headless roon software

I was wondering if the headless roon software is available yet?

it was mentioned it might be finished around now.

almost there… its in the last phases of internal testing now.


This will be great for me.

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sure will be… i didnt have HD graphics on my cpu but had another xeon that does so i swapped it out but i still cant get the graphics driver to install on windows tech preview 2 so i still cant run roon :confused:

@Danny - Will this headless release apply to the server install only or will it be a Roon Speaker release too?

It’ll be just like Roon when you say “this mac” or “this pc” at startup and accepting connections from remotes (we call this your Roon Core, but some call it server), but itll be without the UI. You will need a Roon remote connected to it to use it properly.

RoonSpeakers as an app is coming later this summer.

@Danny - any chance of rewriting the reply with the words “server” and “remote” in it? :smile:

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@gmt: comment updated.

@Danny - Thanks!

@danny I am really excited about the possibility of a qpkg for QNAP because I am presently without a computer to use my Roon purchase on, having decided to just stick with phone and tablet I have been offloading more and more onto the QNAP and a CuBox for Kodi and never use my laptop or desktop PCs so this is a very very welcome sight.

When/If you need external beta testing, please let me know.

I believe the headless packages will be for PC & Mac only for now (I stand to be corrected), from what I have seen here, packages for NAS boxes are by no means a given.

The first headless Roon builds will be Mac and Windows.

Linux is a sure thing, but there is more work to be done there. QNAP and other packages will be part of the offering when Linux is ready.

I assume Synology NAS will be covered too ?

Wishing :smile:

When headless is installed on a computer without open GL as a Roon Core server, will an android tablet or iPad be enough to control it?
Or will we need a full fledged Windows/Mac PC or tablet in order to display Roon, control and have playback with Roon?

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That is the whole point of a headless server setup. :slight_smile:

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I get that. But my question is that if I’m using an Android or iPad tablet, there may not be Open GL on them. I understand that open GL is necessary somewhere in order to display the Roon interface.

Android and iPad have and will have specific Roon apps. The current Open GL requirement is for the full fledged apps on OSX and Windows installs only. With the headless version this will no longer be a requirement.

Thanks. So I just need to buy any relatively up to date tablet, and I’ll be able to control a server with a Roon headless install from that. Looks like I’m on my way to being a subscriber.

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Currently only the Android app is out in the wild. iPad coming soon.

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Will the headless version be a separate piece of software or will it be an option within the main build? Just curious to know how it will mesh the the current version.