Headphone preset

Hi there, in my amplifier (Lyngdorf) there is a plugin which makes the stereo image a bit more narrow and creates depth to the stage especially for listening through headphones. Just bought a Fiio M11 Pro which has Roon. It would be a great feature to have the music adapted for headphones via a plugin that can be put on/off. I wonder if that would be possible, I guess that this would be a rather easy-go? What do you think?

Hi Peter.

You can use the DSP in Roon for your headphones and then save the filters you create as presets. Then load and turn on/off whenever you want.

Sounds great, I found Crosfeed in DSP, that’s the one, right? Are the preset parameters ok? Should I touch them (classical orchestral music)

I do not use crossfeed and have created a filter myself which I use. I also have a pair of Audeze headphones for which Roon has a preset.

Just fiddle with the parametric eq and create something you like and save it. That’s the beauty and fun of DSP.

Which headphones do you have?

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I don’t need EQ really. I want to narrow the stereo image as it happens in my amplifier. I just returned an Audeze LCDi3 to Thomann because it didn’t sound at all (probably a bad production). Just bought FIIO FH7 and that sounds great. Is the Crossfeed doing what I suggest (narrowing the image and creating ore depth)?
I wonder why you talk about EQ-ing since that doesn’t affect the stereo image, does it?