Headphones thread (show us yer cans)! [2021-01]

My Audeze CRBN have arrived.


Nice! What amp do you plan on using it with?


Less efficient than the 009 , seem to need similar drive to 007’s


Is that a Stax?

I just started using my Stax 009’s again with a new Astell & Kern SP-3000. Had been using Ultimate Ears IEM with the previous 1000 model

Is what a Stax?

Wow, it looks like you have the BHSE maxed out in volume. Or are you controlling the volume with the input into the amp?

With the 009 I only go up to about 10 or 11 o’clock. With the Voce I go up to about 12 to 1 o’clock. Using Yggdrasil as DAC.

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Volume controlled by my T+A amp

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the amplifier in the bottom photo

No ,see below

Ah, OK. Thanks. Bottom face looked like Stax amplifier for my 009’s

I might have posted these before. I’m not sure :slight_smile:


@Norman_Spector ,What amp do you have?

SRM 007 t II

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Just got focal clear OGs, loving them so far. Paired with Mjolnir 2 / Gungnir MB. Deciding on whether Folkvangr is in my future, guess is yes. If so, perhaps get a Denafrips Ares II to pair with the Mjolnir 2. HD6xx/HE5xx have been my daily drivers until the Clears showed up.

Bedside rig is Bifrost 2/Jotunheim/Meze Classic 99s, so as not to disturb anyone in my bed, namely my wife.

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My HP Setup, Susvara and Stealth in my office and the HD800 in my living room.


Do you find the bass on them super muddy? Assuming these are the WH-1000XM3’s

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They are the x4’s, to be honest everything sounds muddy after my Stax 007’s and Audeze CRBN, but I use them when I walk into work (not recently as the weather has been dreadful) in the main so absolute quality was not a priority but they do well for what they cost and are comfortable and are not harsh at the top end.

Yeah that’s fair - everything has a use case, and their sound cancelling is second to none, so perfect for that situation I think :slight_smile:

Anyone tried these at all
Sounds interesting at the price they are talking.