Headphones thread (show us yer cans)!

(Mikael Ollars) #42

Lovely! They are still as hard to power as a brick with wires then? :slight_smile:
Have you/anyone Heard the also pretty new Ananda?

(Robert ) #43

I have them breaking in using Zone 2 speaker connection from my Anthem MRX720. Zone 2 supplies 60 wpc @ 8 ohms. Drives the HE-6SE adequately. The speaker to balanced cable box came with the set. No real listening until my balanced headphone extension cable arrives.

Just picked up a new 6 meter Cardas Cross cable for my HD800 set. Very nice upgrade.


(Steve) #44

Hifiman HEK
Campfire Audio Lyra 2
Sony WH1000MX2

(Mac Rebant) #45

Simple, modest setup for me, I’m no audiophile but do enjoy decent sound.

i5 Laptop w/ SSD, Schiit Fulla2, ATH-M50X with some EQ to bring up the sub-bass frequencies - sounds great to me and that’s all that matters.

(Martin Webster) #46

The original cable for my Beyerdynamic T5p Second Gens suffered badly from microphonics so I replaced it with a bespoke cable. I’ve also changed the synthetic leather pads for velvet. They sit on a nice stand too.


These are my favorite cans…

But seriously, Beyerdynamic T5p second generation, Sony TA-ZH1ES paired with a WM-NW1A. Also in the mix is a Pioneer XDP-100r with bumpers removed paired with a Sony PHA-3. Some need a proper stand for the cans but haven’t found one that I really like. I keep them in a velvet back when not in use.

(Martin Webster) #48

I’m very pleased with the following stand:

I changed the stock cable on the T5p’s with a bespoke cable because it was very noisy (microphonic.)


Thanks @Martin_Webster

When I searched for that on the US site I found this one by the same company. Only difference is the walnut top which I really like. I placed a one-click order so should have it in a day or two. Thanks for the advice. I’ll snap a pic with my cans on it when it gets here.


I agree with you one the stock cable. I never use it either. I bought a 4.4mm balanced cable to use with the Sony amp.


Finally upgraded my HPA to drive my HD800 and LCD3.
That’s me done in the cans hardware dept, and boy what a monumental upgrade from the Jotunheim.

(Terry Murray) #51

I use headphones for listening at my desk and while flying. I use HD650s or HE400is from my Macbook Air through an AQ Jitterbug and Dragonfly Red. For flying I use my iPad with USB3 camera adapter to Jitterbug and Dragonfly Red. I use Shure SE535 IEMs for noise isolation on the plane. They are very good.


@Martin_Webster. Headphone stand arrived earlier this week. I do like it!

(Martin Webster) #53

Stand looks great. I would have gone for this version if it came in white oak.


For $20 I am happy with the build quality. The base is heavy and all parts fit together well.

(Robert ) #55

Anyone weigh in on their tube amps. Looking at picking one up…Dragon Inspire, Kenzie Encore are a couple I’m looking at…

(bearFNF) #56

Those look like nice amps. I use a decware taboo MKIII. Although I use my Cavalli Liquid Gold more.

All that being said I really listen to my Stax and Voce with my Blue Hawaii SE the most.

(Robert ) #57

Pulled the trigger on this one with the upgraded caps…

I looked at the Decware Taboo, but it looks like the new Mark Iv is balanced only. Nice amp…


(Mr Fix It ) #58

I have a couple of the decware tube buffers i knocked up a few years ago…must look them up

(bearFNF) #59

Sweet should be good.

Yeah, I just saw that they did that with the MKIV, some have liked the CSP3, also. Especially with the HD800.

I also have one of the Zen switches and I made a Zen head portable amp (from their kit) for S&G.

(Robert ) #60

picked up a Schitt Mjolnir2 for my power hungry balanced HE-6se. Great amp at around $900. Uses 6BZ7 tubes which are plentiful and not expensive.


This is a bit OT, but interesting nonetheless, I just invested in an LG V30 cellphone and to my great pleasure it drives my 600ohm Beyerdynamic T1’s with ease.

For those who are not in the know, it’s a cellphone with audio side for audiophiles. It features a “Quad DAC powered by ESS Technology’s SABRE ES9218P”

Colour me impressed. It sounds great too. More natural and refined, less “glassy” than my Note 8, noticeably so.