Headphones thread (show us yer cans)!

(Robert ) #62

Impressive that a cell phone could drive 600 ohm cans. I was surprised how well my A&K Kann DAP powered my 300 ohm SennHD 800 headphones.


Absolutely, Robert. I am currently listening to Rober Plant Now and Zen, T1+V30, 1st track, it’s just completely lush, detailed, layered, no harshness. And quite loud enough, at 49/75 on the volume scale. It’s a stunning achievement. I’m really quite shocked, excited, and a bit upset at the same time, as this really makes my 700chf Fiio X7ii redundant, lol.

Ps… i’d really like to hear how it works with the HD 800’s

PPS. it works with MQA full unfolding too, in the Tidal app itself. Gamechanger for me.

(Robert ) #64

The HD 800 are great headphones. I’m on the HE-6se set right now. Very different to drive headphones, but they are sweet with enough power.


I’ve always wanted to try out a set of planars. Now i hear you can even get them in IEM format :slight_smile:

PS… I had my proverbials cut off when my better half found out i’d got my T1’s under the radar and how much they were, so I am on a tight leash for further investments in the HP department. Fortunately I am close to endgame for my needs with the T1’s :slight_smile:

(Robert ) #66

I almost pulled the trigger on a set of those from Audio 46 on a daily special.


Nice. I did get mine at a good discount :slight_smile:
Im really pleased with them. Surreal at times the precision they have to recreate ambient cues, soundstaging is really cool.

(Robert ) #68

Next set will be from a Can Jam meet. Probably next year. Just bought two headphone amps, so I’m spent.

(Henry) #69

I got in on a Kickstarter campaign for a pair of Planars an enthusiast was developing. Pretty much everything is being hand made but that means what I get at the end is at close to cost price. I have no idea how good they’ll be but it was worth the outlay just to speculate on what might be quite a decent product!


You owe it to yourself to have a listen to your hd800’s on a Phonitor 2.

(Robert ) #71

Looks nice. I wasn’t aware of this one. In the same price range of the ampsandsound Kenzie Encore I just picked up.

(Hugo Sharp) #72

I got on that too. Really interesting seeing the process form start to finish.

(Mike O'Neill) #73

i demo’d a pair yesterday at the agents, on Sennheisers DAC amp very nice too …

(Ken Raz) #74

I love my Mojo, was apprehensive due to the price but came to fall in love with my music once again. Quick question regarding the Aeons, did you get to audition the Open model? If so, what were your thoughts on them? I am considering the Aeons and am unsure which way to go in terms of Open or Closed. Greatly appreciate any input you are able to provide.



+1 on that. I got mine back in 2015. Still loving it. Do you use as a portable or desktop device? I did start out both , but it’s evolved into desktop only now. I do find the battery the biggest weakness (one change already done last year, and the new one is not brilliant :frowning: ). Having said that as my primary workhorse for music listening, it’s been a superb device.

(Ken Raz) #76

I use it mostly as portable with my headphones, have tried as a desktop but afraid of the ruining the battery. The current set up is using a RaspberryPi w/Ropiee attached to a battery pack so I can freely move around the house should I choose. Current headphones are the Shure SE846, and B&W P7 wired.

Have had it for about 6 months and battery life is not as expected, probably get 4 hours on a full charge. I agree with you, the battery is the biggest weakness and hope Chord will swap out the battery within the warranty.


Nice rig :-), Ken.

I used some of that Scotchlok on mine, I got fed up with the rubber bands pretty quickly. Not quite sure why they couldn’t whack in a bigger battery, the device is quite bulky already. Easy swap over tho, did it myself. Cost me about 50 quid to get replacement from chord.

But they claim 10hrs or smth, Ive not been able to get more than about 6.

I always wanted to try the SE846’s. I got a pair of K3003 at the time, which were the other big hitter, but they were a bit fragile. Running a pair of Fiio FH5’s which I really do enjoy, I can’t really fault them. For around 250usd they are hard to beat. They beat the K3003’s no question.


(Anders Vinberg) #79


Tell us about the imposing tube gear.

(Bart Verhoeven) #80

Definitely in audio nirvana for a couple years now. The only thing that might tempt me in changing my rig is the DIY T2 amplifier. My wife will probably kill me if I give in to temptation.

My headphone rig:

  • HeadAmp Blue Hawaii SE
  • Totaldac D1-Dual
  • Stax SR-009 / SR-007A
  • Roonlabs Nucleus+
  • Synology DS713+

Unfortunately the Nucleus is tucked away below the bottom shelf. I definitely need to give it a more prominent space in 2019.

(SoulEye) #81

Impressive! What about the can(s)?