Headphones thread (show us yer cans)!


My rig and headphones

(Steve Mato) #103

Better men would admit to having a problem …
I ADMIT TO NOTHING !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

The most current incarnation of my main rig (I have many others)…

I’ve had a real obsession with the iSine 20 this past year…

This btw, is one of my portable Windows 10 Roon Bridge, a Kangaroo micro PC and battery pack. The other one uses a Asus PC stick (I’ll look for a pic) …

And earlier incarnation of my main rig … with just my pride & joy McIntosh MHA-100, Perreaux TS-2 & TC-2 and source was one of the venerable Arcam DV-139 or Classe DVD-1 … before the NAD M51, tascam monitor, Aphex buffers, Rane HC-6S, and Woo Audio WA-22. It was a simpler time. :wink:

(Mikael Ollars) #104

:smiley: You want a number to “headphonistas anonymous”?
You’re actually in worse shape than i am! :rofl:

(Wim) #105

Do I see a pair of MrSpeakers ETHER C Flow cans?
I love them. :+1:

(Steve Mato) #106


Unfortunately one of the cups detached from the frame. I haven’t reaffixed them so haven’t used them for a long time. Really reluctant to glue or epoxy them on; wish Dan came up with a twist-on mechanism to affix them.

(Robert ) #107

Could you use two sided tape? Aeon vid below.

(Steve Mato) #108

I’m embarrased to say I didn’t think of it! Haha. Thanx.

Ya, as long as it makes a solid airtight seal meaning I leave no gaps in the tape, it could work. Much thanx for the thought. (I only have the thick style double sided tape; will need to get the thin stuff)

(Robert ) #109

Probably a higher end carpet tape, or special double sided tape. Make a template and cut it to fit. There is a double sided tape that has a weave like packaging tape. Kind of messy to work with, but is definitely sticky stuff. Good luck.

(Steve Mato) #110

That would be a lot of waste. I’d never allow myself to do that. lol. Would have to find a way with thin strips. :wink:

(Marcel van Tilburg) #111

Jecklin Float electrostatic headphones (aka Swiss Crash Helmet)


Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd Gen) + Bottlehead Crack + Speedball upgrade…

(Steve Mato) #113

I need to see a picture of you wearing this. Because I can’t get this out of my head everytime this headphone comes up. [Very big lol!]3130455

(Robert ) #114

Looks like some kind of boxing contraption.

(Sean) #115

You win this thread

(Ged) #116

They were always a contentious design

(Robert ) #117

The Mr. Speakers Voce are some nice electrostats, and they are not so cumbersome.

(Ralph Pantuso) #118

So with the NYC CanJam headphone show coming up this weekend I figured now is good time to jump into this discussion. I’m amazed by all the different headphone setups out there and thrilled to see that my love of the Beyerdynamic “house sound” (for lack of a better term) is shared by so many others.

My headphone journey began sometime in the late 1990s or early 2000s when I was commuting to NYC and needed decent headphones to make the commute bearable. In the early 2000s along came iPods and portable headphone amps. Then came desktop headphone amps and more serious headphones. My journey continues, as you will see below.

On to the photos, in no particular order:

Laptop - clockwise from pair not on stand/holder

AKG K495 noise cancelling (NC) on ear, portable

Philips Fidelio L2 over ear, portable

HiFi Elite Super 66 NC, Bluetooth, over ear, portable

House of Marley Legend, NC over ear, portable

A-Audio Legacy NC, over ear, portable - one of favorites for portable use

Fostex TH500RP planar, over ear

Acoustic Research AR-H1 planar over ear, open back, semi-portable i.e. can be powered directly from a smart phone

Amplication - Headroom Desktop Amp with DAC, fed by a Chromecast Audio with digital output

Computer Room - From bottom

Ultrasone Proline 250 open back, over ear

Sennheiser HD800 open back, over ear

Mitchell & Johnson MJ2 (hybrid electrostatic) closed back, over ear, portable

Ultrasone Pro 900 closed back, over ear, semi-portable

Amplication - Headroom Desktop Amp with DAC (Max) fed by Squeezebox Touch digital output

Bedroom - left to right

Beyerdynamic DT880 over ear, open back

AKG N90 over ear, closed back, semi-portable - these headphones are amazingly good and for some reason are flying below the audiophile radar.

AKG K701 over ear (first pair of “serious cans”), open back

Sennheiser HD650 over ear, open back

Ultrasone Proline 750 over ear, closed back

Beyerdynamic T1 (1st generation) over ear, open back

Amplication - Pro-Ject Pre-Box S2 Digital

Not shown:

BlueAnt Embrace on-ear, portable

Weststone in ear monitors

M&O MOOH-BE00BT over ear, portable (on order from Massdrop)

Amplication - Oppo SE-1

(Ged) #119

Jumping Jehoshaphat you should open “Ralph’s Headphone Experience”… :joy:

(Ralph Pantuso) #120

You have obviously never been to a Hi-Fi meet since by their standards I would be considered a casual headphone enthusiast. :laughing:

I fall short a “true” headphone enthusiast in several important areas:

No electrostatic headphones, which often require a full electrical substation to power them

No tube based headphone amps - a true black mark on my soul and a pox on my house

No IEMs with custom fit ear pieces

Not one pair of headphones costing more than my car

But all joking aside, many of my portable headphones were purchased at deep discounts over the years as so many manufacturers were determined to try an get a piece of the $200 to $300 portable headphone market that Beats and Bose together own about 90% of. Since none of these competing headphones never made a dent in the Bests/Bose death grip on the market, they were, and often still are, available at close out prices. Nothing wrong with these headphones, in fact many of them are quite good, but since they not Beats or Bose people just don’t buy them. Not too good for the manufacturers but great for bargain hunters like me.

(Ged) #121

My wife think I’m mad because I have hd650 and a pair of closed B&Os !