Headroom Management

Most of my music is from Tidal played through Roon. What I’ve found is by setting Headroom Management to 0 dB, as I’m not using the Equalizer to increase any frequencies, I still get the red flickering light indicates clipping on many songs which have quite strong bass. Is this common? I’m surprised that playing a file from Tidal neither unaltered nor enhanced in any way still causes clipping?

So I need to set Headroom Management to at least -1 DB but -3 DB to be safe and ensure that I get no clipping. If I didn’t have Roon and simply played the songs directly from Tidal I assume they would be clipping constantly on the louder bass bits?

Apologies if I’m being stupid here and am missing something very basic? How damaging would this clipping be to the Amp or speakers?

You only need headroom management if your using DSP engine, so what are you doing in DSP as this is likely causing the clipping. Have you any filters active, upsampling etc? Normal output from Tidal with no DSP should not be clipping at all.

I rechecked and had upsampling enabled. So I’ve disabled that and all ok. Wonder why upsampling leads to clipping? Clearly I don’t know enough about this sort of thing so best I leave DSP alone completely. Than you for responding.

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