Hearing aids will not work with Arc/iOS 16

Roon Core Machine

Mac mini

Networking Gear & Setup Details


Connected Audio Devices

iPhone XR iOS 16 hearing aid control in Accessibility/ Hearing Device streaming Tidal


Description of Issue

Audio device error

Can you connect your hearing aids directly to Bluetooth on the phone rather than going through the accessibiity / hearing device approach? That’s what my Phonak Audeos do and I have no trouble connecting to Arc (Android Pixel 6A). I have never used the Accessibility/Hearing Aid approach (which is available on the Pixel) so I don’t know what advatage over a direct Bluetooth connection - if any - that normally provides.

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I am unable to connect my Signia Insio C&G 3AX ITC/HS hearing aids using normal Bluetooth pairing. They are Made for iPhone hearing aids.

I believe Made for iPhone hearing aids only connect using the Bluetooth settings in Accessibility/Hearing Devices.

The advantage to this setup is being able to control your hearing aids using your iPhone. Settings for volume, mode, Live Listen, et cetera.

Same issues here


Up for support.

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Hey @Jeffry_McMillan – we’re looking into this, and appreciate you bringing it to our attention.

Couple questions:

  • This is working as expected with other applications on your phone right? TIDAL app, YouTube, etc
  • For apps that implement hearing aid support properly, are there any additional controls or functionality inside ARC that you’re expecting to see here? Or just that playback works?
  • This is the error you’re seeing in ARC, right?

Same questions for @Arie_van_der_Beek and @Sloop_John_B.

And @support If you see similar feedback, please point them to this thread.

Thanks all!

The hearing aids function is working normal with all kind of other audio apps. Like Tidal Spottify YouTube etc.
The only possibility for connecting them to the phone is The MFI (Made for IPhone) Bluetooth function within IOS.
So the Roon Arc app is the only one that gives no connection to its own app so far.

TIDAL on the Apple Watch is also not possible to connect with these hearing aids. They can not be found when searching for Bluetooth equipment.
Might be in the same issue possibilities.

I have tested with cabled Apple EarPods and then it is working flawless. A friend of mine has “normal “ Bluetooth Apple EarPods and they are also working correct.

The problem should be in the MFI connection function.

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Works fine without any extra intervention with Tidal,Spotify and Qobuz.

This is the ARC error


The made for iPhone hearing aids function like any other Bluetooth device when using other streaming apps.

All of the hearing aid functions are provided by iOS. I want Roon to run normally without any additional features.

Yes, when I hit play I get “audio device error”.

Thank you for addressing this issue. I am using Roon with the free trial, I hope to see this bug fixed before paying for a subscription. Admittedly, the product is so good I may subscribe regardless.

P. S. Thank you John and Arie.and stan

Before the roon staff starts work on the hearing aid problem, let me be clear that the title of this thread is very misleading in its generality. there are many hearing aids that do work just fine with Arc as it is. I believe all Phonak and perhaps other band aids do not need the accessibility hearing aid feature but instead connect directly to Bluetooth as any other Bluetooth device (they do not even need the Phonak app to work, but it provides some additional control features that are useful, but irrelevant for Arc). And just to add some information as to why hearing aids pose a particular Bluetooth problem. It is because there are two of them which have be connected and in most cases they have independant settings (volume at least) but have to be in sync. I do not know if the Made for iOS aids work with Android phones but Phonak, at least, work equally well with both systems

Hi @Stan_Jones,

I’m just chiming in with my experience and making this a followed thread due to personal interests.

I wear Costco-branded Kirkland hearing aids but are identical to the Phonak brand. In my case (like you mentioned), playback is not an issue for me because I don’t use the iPhone accessibility method.

Let me ask you this, in my case, when I get a call or a message I get the loud (and startling I might add) noises in my ears. Does this happen with your hearing aids or do those tones play through the iPhone speaker?


My audiologist recommended I keep my ringer volume at 30% because of the issue you mention.

I also disable the option to change ringer volume with the side buttons. I do this to avoid changing the ringer volume accidentally.

I have an Android phone so our mileage may vary. I can set the volume of the ringtone separately from the general volume. I can also set the volume for calls separately from other volumes. The physical volume control on the side of the phone just changes what is currently playing (media or call) but doesn’t effect the ringtone volume.

Added: I just checked my wife’s iPhone and it appears you can set the ringtone volume on it separately as well.

Hi @Stan_Jones,

I just wanted to update you and let you know that we’re working on a fix for this issue.


I have updated the app
The issue isn’t changed at all.
Nothing has changed.

So waiting for a very quick next update for Eoon Arc.
It must be easy to solve.
Tidal, You tube, Spottify etc are working flawless.
Only Roon Arc have this issue.
Even Roon Remote was until release of Roon Arc playing on the MFA equipment.

Please solve ASAP.

Also after first update this issue is still in Arc.
First software update has not changed anything in play back on MFI equipment.

Roon Arc is the only app that doesn’t work with these equipment. Spottify, YouTube, TIDAL, podcasts etc etc etc are giving no problem at all.
So it must be possible to solve the issue.

In current situation Roon Arc is no way to be used outside the house. And in house Roon remote is available and better option

Is Roon stil working on it?
When will the the resolve being planned?

Hi @Arie_van_der_Beek,

This isn’t something that we have addressed yet. As I have mentioned, we are aware of this limitation and are working on a fix.

Any changes relating to this method of connectivity will be addressed in our release notes that are posted with each release here.


HI Arie,

Will you help us further our investigation by duplicating the issue and giving me a date/time/track played stamp?

We are working on this now.