Heart icon missing

Roon Core Machine

NUC10i3 with Rock

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected via unmanaged netgear switch directly from router

Connected Audio Devices

Sonare bridge and Naim NDS steeamer

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Hi does anyone else have this really annoying UI experience.

  1. When listening to “Picked by Roon Radio” and i find something i like
  2. I click “Add to library”
  3. At this point i would expect to be able to click on the heart icon for the song but it is not there
  4. I end up having to click the home option in the menu, find the newly added album/song and click like from here
    This really take away from the experience of using the roon radio recommendation (Which i love by the way)

This happens quiet a bit in other areas too when I add an album to library and don’t get heart icon and have to go back to menu → home , find album and like from there.

This is the one thing that really annoys me… so many clicks just to like something.

I am presuming its a bug but just wanted to check with the community

I assume you do that from the “Now playing” screen or the queue. Did you ever try to do that from the album page instead? I ask because …

… is the documented behavior for the album page (only). Just click on the album cover or the album title on the “Now playing” screen to go there.

If you want a behavior change of Roon in other areas, you should add your vote to a corresponding feature suggestion or create one of your own. The existing feature suggestion below might already cover your area of interest:


Those who come from streaming services think that a very simple and intuitive environment without intermediate step would be better, but here we are talking about more information and differentiation.

The basic idea is first we have our own library of local music and albums from the streaming services. Only when an album has been added can you worry about whether it is actually love in the second step.

Love at first sight would be a function proposal like @BlackJack explained and should have made many a long-term love affair possible.

To be honest I can live with having to “add to library” first before being able to like. Its the way the software works.
But I would always expect to see a heart icon once i have done so and not have to click lots of different links to find a screen that will show me the icon.

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The rationale here is that you are playing / viewing the streaming service version, and not the one in your library.

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@Maurice_Downes Yes that had me a bit confused at first too, but @Martin_Webster gave the reason. We always have to think carefully about what is being played, is it from the radio, from the local library, is it a Qobuz ablum or is it played here Tidal, transferred to the library and then selected and given as much love as the album deserves. It is even possible that I play a 16bit version, but want to process the HiRs further.

Admittedly a step more differentiated, but after getting used to it so would not want to miss.

Agreed @Martin_Webster but at the end of the day User experience is key.
Surely they can check is the current song also in my local library and if so show heart.
As @BlackJack says this is just part of a bigger issue, but it really feels like it lacks serious thought.

Maybe an option to show the heart all the time and if you click it it adds to the library and favorites it in one action. - maybe in this case it would be a heart with a + in it :cupid:

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