Heart ( the band) is messed up

Just review the albums under the Heart discography. Too many errors to list out individually.

I just had a look…it’s actually pretty funny really in a sad way after Beautiful Broken.

Thanks @Rugby. We think we know what’s going on here.

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You will get a look that could kill….

They are just as messed up in Qobuz the app. Maybe worse.

Hmm, you’re right.

Garbage in, garbage out. There are one or two others Qobuz is messed up on, but not as bad. The question is, how can Roon fix it? (I wonder if Tidal’s Heart is messed up, too?)

Less badly.


If a band’s name is a base term, like “heart”, then this becomes an issue as other things are munged in (not saying it is Roon’s issue, neither Tidal nor Qobuz does a good job). For example, Live and Starz (while cleaner now than they were a couple of years ago) still have multiple things mixed in; especially under singles and compilations.

Good call, yes I remember Live being totally messed last time I searched it.

Hey @Rugby

Thank you for bringing these metadata issues to our attention. There is quite a bit of behind the scenes work that must be undertaken in order to disambiguate titles and artists as there are myriad factors at play that cause content with naming similarities to be grouped together.

Some of these issues result from how much disambiguation effort is taken at the service provider level, and some has to do with the degree of metadata that is present in the particular title. We made some recent changes with the hopes of making this more accurate, but in some cases, like this one, it resulted in unwanted albums being associated with the artist.

While on the surface it may not seem like these issues are being addressed, please be assured that we are working on system wide fixes for these types of issues. This work is quite important to us and the effort to address these anomalies is ongoing.

We do appreciate your patience and understanding as we implement these metadata adjustments. Please continue to bring us any similar examples you might find, they’re extremely helpful as we work to resolve this. We’re grateful for your concern and assistance with these efforts.

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Hi Jamie,

I know you guys will get it fixed. Just posting things as/when I come across them. :smiley:

@Rugby, we genuinely appreciate your assistance with the metadata heads up as well as everything you do to help out here on Community. You’re a star, Dan - shine on! :star_struck:

Reviving an old topic, but the discography for Heart (the US rock band) is still horribly mixed up, including what looks to be some fitness audio starting from 2017, and something else entirely from 2021.

Everything looks correct in Tidal, so I have to assume this is a Roon problem.

I’ve only got Tidal, so cannot comment if it’s the same with Qobuz.

Yeah, I just looked at this and it is really messed up. Providers need to clean this up.

Qobuz looks correct

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Hi Joel!

Any updates on this you can share? I just looked at Heart’s Disco again and it is still messed. As is Starz which I had also mentioned in this thread. The band Live still have a couple of incorrect albums mixed in but less than previous.


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