Heart Tidal track in playlist = add to library/favourites

Using radio, Tidal playlists, etc, i often hear a Tidal track that I like, that is not yet in my library.
At this moment you cannot ‘heart’ them from there, nor add them to the library.

I would love to be able to heart a track when it is playing.
It would be great if that means it is automagically added to my library.
And it would be even nicer if i would then get asked whether i would like to add the track or the full associated album!


I was about to write a feature request asking for precisely this.
Listening to pre-made playlists more and more in the past weeks, I’d love to favorite some tracks that I don’t know yet but like very much, but find myself unable to do so out of the playlist or the now playing-screen.
It looks like we can add the track to our libraries now, but it still seems not possible to like (“heart”) it right after ist has been added.
Please, soon team, make this possible.