Heart vs Mind - Point of no return? Vintage Marantz Conundrum Help

Before I get into the rut i’m in, will start with my current setup:
Surface Pro 7 > Schiit Modi 3 > vintage Marantz PM 550DC intergrated > Klipsch rp 600m + Klipsch R-12sw

This setup was built around the fact that I had my heart set on salvaging this vintage Marantz from my stepfather. I grew up with it and listened to my first albums on it. Got it restored a bit, not much, and was told it was a solid piece.

  • first problem was hooking up sub. I cut off ends of cheap RCA cable and attached to the Marantz system B speaker outs. It worked and all was good.

  • New problem: the system B speaker outs have suddenly stopped.

  • Been looking for options to keep it like adding a Schiit preamp with sub out. Problem is there is no “amp in” on the Marantz. I would have to run the Schiit preamp into the line in on the Marantz and thus into its preamp.

  • In love with the Naim Uniti Atom. It’s a lot of money. May be willing to spend it, but if there is a way to save the Marantz with setup options, would take that.

  • Am I just being stupid and sentimental? Will the Naim sound light years better?

Note: in love with the 600m’s. Don’t wanna swap them. They do need the sub though.
Note: I have no library. I stream all my music.

Thanks in advance. Love Roon - wanna make it work.

If you really want to make the Marantz work speak to a tech familiar with its abilities and figure out a way to make it do what you need without compromising it. It strikes me that speaker outs to RCA is a bad idea and I would need to be sure your problem is the Marantz and not the sub.

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Turned out it was the cable and not the Marantz… whew. Thanks!! :pray: