Heat Sink Question

I just replaced my RPi3 board that failed with a new RPi4. I was installing it in a new case this afternoon when I realized that it did not come with a heat sink. I just checked the temperature of the board with the user interface and it is showing 52 degrees C. Sounds high to me. Can anyone tell me what you are seeing on your RPi4?

52 isn’t bad for a Pi4, but a cheap heat sink will drop it by 10 degrees or more and is highly recommended.

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Thanks. I just hit Amazon for a set.

RPi4 in Argon Neo case 40°C and RPi4 with HifiBerry Digi+ Pro HAT in a steel case 55°C. I wouldn’t worry about temps if they stay well below 70°C. RPi4 will start thermal throttling at about 80°C. Installing a heat sink won’t hurt

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Thanks for the advice. I was concerned because the RPi3 that was replaced ran in the mid 40s I think. I was getting ready to unplug this until the heat sinks arrive on Thursday. Now I feel safer.

In Ropieee under “information” on line “USB FW Version” you might be able to update FW version. If so it could lower your temps.

Running the latest version. Thanks.

John if you don’t have an add on hat then I recommend the Flirc cases, they look good and help reduce the heat as the whole case is a heat sink



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Thanks. I will check it out.

@John_Aiello There’s a good review of the thermal properties of the Flirc case here:

I ordered one last week, but it hasn’t arrived yet so I can’t give you any more details, but it seems like a good option.

David a lot of people on these forums recommended the Flirc and they look good as part of a hifi cabinet unlik many cases. They do a good job at a cheaper cost.
I also have an Argon One case (it has a fan), but for me it’s more of a desktop case and I do like it.

Hopefully you will like yours



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I don’t think that the CPU throttles until 80C. I have two raspi 4b boards in use. One is mounted with a raspi display and runs at 52C with a dac hat on it. The other is in a metal case mounted on a HiFiBerry AMP 100 board. That setup runs between 55 and 60C.

Streaming music does’t put much load on the boards. Not sure if others have burned out a pi and at what temperature for what duration causes failure. It seems that anything under 70C is well within the normal operating temps.

Great info. Thanks.

I love the Argon One because it looks like a proper hifi component with all the connectors on the back!

You’re good. Won’t start throwing a fit until 80C. I do under clock some of my Pis. It runs cooler and with less noise that way. The 4 will certainly run warmer than the 3 and the 8GB model runs hotter than the others.

A fancy case is always nice though.

My heatskin

I don’t think keeping the RPi at high temp until throttling is a good idea !
Keep the temp as low as possible.

Also have a couple of Argon One’s cases which I like very much !

I’ve had no issues with my RPi 3b’s with and without sinks

The soekris and the JT mini are running with flirc cases inside another case. The rest are running in plastic cases and ambient temps in the 27-34Deg C range

Got my new Flirc case today and am happy to report the Pi 4 runs quite a bit cooler now.

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Great news David and hopefully looking very nice too.



Yep, it looks good. In terms of the temperature: I’ve been running it all afternoon, in a moderately warm room, and the hottest I could get it was 41℃.