Hegel H120 shows up multiple times under Airplay

Why is Roon listing my Hegel H120 multiple times under Other Network Devices?

You will notice that they all have the same IP address and primary name.

Appreciate some clarity on this.


Probably cached history related to how AirPlay registers devices (I’m no Apple and AirPlay device user), nothing to worry about, really.

Did you try power cycling and rebooting the core and Hegel?

Hello @Suraj_Sundararaj ,

Are you still seeing this behavior at the present time? Does a reboot of the Core or Hegel cause the device to then show up normally? If you try to use an iOS device to stream via iOS Airplay (outside of Roon), do you also notice it listed there multiple times when it’s listed multiple times in Roon?

Hello @noris sorry for the late reply.

Here is another screen shot from my laptop taken now in real-time:

The behavior is still present. The Hegel is powered off and on daily and so is the Core.

I use Windows 10 PC/Android for my playback and not iOS, even though I do have an iPhone in the home.

On my iPhone, the Hegel is only listed once but interestingly I am not able to connect to the Hegel on the iPhone. Tried many times but it just wont establish a connection.

Hi @Suraj_Sundararaj ,

Are you still seeing this issue at the present time? Other users who experienced similar behavior due to an mDNS reflector or improper multicast settings. Are you able to set an Address Reservation in your router s that the Hegel always has the same IP? I would give this a try if so.

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