Hegel H190 USB issues [Solved - USB Port]

Hi, i have some issues with Roon - Hegel H190 USB,
When i activate DSP i get no sound,
Also i have some FLAC that are 96/24 that does not play either,
Am i doing somerhing wrong?

I use an MacBook Pro for this

Hello @Tommy_Gustavsson,

Thanks for contacting support, I’d be happy to assist here. Can you please post a screenshot of your Signal Path when you have the DSP turned on?

For the FLAC files that are not playing, do those play properly if you use “System Output” and attempt to play them to your MacBook Pro’s internal speakers?

Please let me know when possible.


Hi Noris,
many thanks for fast reply, I think the problem is solved,
I found that I had problems also via Tidals desktop app,
so I changed the USB port and did a factory reset of the H190 just to be sure,
and now all files play,

Hello @Tommy_Gustavsson,

Glad to hear that the changing the USB port and factory resetting the H190 has resolved the issue! Thanks again for contacting support and I wish you a pleasant listening experience :headphones:

– Noris

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