Hegel H390 and Ropieee

While waiting for Roon support on my Hegel H390 I have setup Ropieee on a HifiBerry Digi pro+ using the optical output. My question is with MQA. When playing MQA what (or if) does the final unfolding - the Hegel?


Not via optical.

so I should use the RCA connection on the HIFIBerry?

Actually reading the specs it says MQA via
USB, BNC, Optical and Coaxial so I may be completely wrong.
I’d raise a new support question rather than leaving it here on audio products.

I got the Hegel H390, and I am running a MAC Mini USB into the H390 (and to a Topping D90 MQA DAC, and Into the XLR of the H390 to do A/B testing). Both the H390 and the Topping is capable of unfolding the full MQA.

The H390 should be able to do MQA unfolding on all its digital inputs including the Optical.

Which one do you prefer? the H390 or Topping D90 DAC?

I am still doing the A/B testing - and have invited a couple of friends to also listen in over the next week or so. Preliminary view - the Topping seems to have a wider sound stage, and seems to have more clarity specially for MQA Techno albums. I noticed that I am using a better USB cable (Chord Cable made in UK) for the Topping, and intend to normalise over the testing period. I AM a little surprised - given the H390 DAC.


I can now share - having spent a few days and done controlled A / B tests along with 3 friends, making sure we compensated for the USB cable, etc - that the Topping D90 MQA seems to open up the sound more than the H390 DAC. We streamed the same song simultaneously using two USB connections from the same MAC Mini to the USB of the Hegel H390 and to the Topping D90 MQA connected to XLR. We held the same volume level. The Topping seems to “open” the sound stage more - specially on MQA / Techno tracks, and less on Beatles / Vocals.

I am actually surprised with this, but must be something to the dedicated DAC.

Hope this helps. Cheers

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