Hegel H390 can’t access menu

Hi, I’ve just bought a secondhand Hegel H390. Is working well, sounds great, and got the network connected.

However, I cannot get the remote to access the menu path. The remote is fine for other commands, so it is not battery etc.

Current Firmware Version : p5093.14.0

This I could get from the IP address. If I had the firmware file, I can I think update from the browser. But Hegel doesn’t seem to share them, and says to do it via the menu… which I can’t access.

Any advice? Does anyone have the p5107.19 in file format?

Try asking in the Hegel Facebook group.

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No response yet.

Just to be sure: you will have to hold the ‘computer play’ button for a few seconds for the menu to come up. Do you have the correct remote? The metal RC8?

Otherwise, it’s perhaps best to ask Hegel directly (info@hegel.com) or maybe borrow a remote from a friendly dealer. Maybe dealers also have access to the files to update the equipment.

They have all IR codes for the H390 in this document. Maybe it might be of help if you have a programmable remote.

Someone on one of the other threads emailed Hegel directly for the latest (Roon ready) update for his H120, and Hegel responded with the file and instructions. So I suggest you email Hegel directly.

Got there in the end. Hegel sent me the latest firmware, and I could update via the browser option. Now all working perfectly.

Now just waiting for Roon RAAT :slightly_smiling_face:

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