Hegel H590 vs Rotel Michi P5 for Roon?

I’m currently the owner of a Hegel H590 integrated. It’s not Roon-Ready yet, although it’s coming as an update. Now, the H590 only supports mqa on usb and I have connected it directly to my Synology DS918+, running Roon-core. Everything seems to work fine and Roon recognises the H590 dac, without any problems. HOWEVER, I have a Rotel Michi P5/S5 set on trial, which I REALLY like. But Rotel will not be Roon-Ready(as far as I know). As with the H590, Roon recognises the dac of the P5 just fine, via usb. My question is this: Will there be any sonic improvement in the H590, when It recieves Roon-Ready? And is it perfectly ok to run the NAS directly to the dac of the Michi, not being Roon-Ready?

Hello @Morten_Jensen,

We cannot speak to which setup will sound best, only you could determine that after careful testing in your own setup.

There are a few advantages to Roon Ready streaming like full Signal Path display in-app and hardware volume control that may enhance your listening experience. I recommend reading the RAAT (Roon Ready) knowledgebase article for more information.


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I wouldn’t run your NAS directly into anything if possible. It’s power supply and fans are likely adding noise to your signal that you won’t hear until you remove. Best to use a dedicated player or wait until the Hegel is roon ready over ethernet.

That being said you could also simply add a Raspberry Pi P4B see how that sounds. I liked it so much I purchased an upgraded power supply, then eventually the upgrade bug hit and wound up with a Lumin U1 mini.

I am thinking of buying the Michi P5 use the Lumin as a streamer with it as Bryston announced it would not support Home Theater bypass with the BR-20. Barely fits my stand. My question how did you find imaging and depth of field? Sold my BDA-3 so the P5 would need big shoes to fill. My shop doesn’t allow you to try before you buy.