Hegel H590 vs Rotel Michi P5 for Roon?

I’m currently the owner of a Hegel H590 integrated. It’s not Roon-Ready yet, although it’s coming as an update. Now, the H590 only supports mqa on usb and I have connected it directly to my Synology DS918+, running Roon-core. Everything seems to work fine and Roon recognises the H590 dac, without any problems. HOWEVER, I have a Rotel Michi P5/S5 set on trial, which I REALLY like. But Rotel will not be Roon-Ready(as far as I know). As with the H590, Roon recognises the dac of the P5 just fine, via usb. My question is this: Will there be any sonic improvement in the H590, when It recieves Roon-Ready? And is it perfectly ok to run the NAS directly to the dac of the Michi, not being Roon-Ready?

Hello @Morten_Jensen,

We cannot speak to which setup will sound best, only you could determine that after careful testing in your own setup.

There are a few advantages to Roon Ready streaming like full Signal Path display in-app and hardware volume control that may enhance your listening experience. I recommend reading the RAAT (Roon Ready) knowledgebase article for more information.


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I wouldn’t run your NAS directly into anything if possible. It’s power supply and fans are likely adding noise to your signal that you won’t hear until you remove. Best to use a dedicated player or wait until the Hegel is roon ready over ethernet.

That being said you could also simply add a Raspberry Pi P4B see how that sounds. I liked it so much I purchased an upgraded power supply, then eventually the upgrade bug hit and wound up with a Lumin U1 mini.

I am thinking of buying the Michi P5 use the Lumin as a streamer with it as Bryston announced it would not support Home Theater bypass with the BR-20. Barely fits my stand. My question how did you find imaging and depth of field? Sold my BDA-3 so the P5 would need big shoes to fill. My shop doesn’t allow you to try before you buy.

When will the H590 be Roon Ready? Hegel tell me that they are waiting for Roon to give the nod.