Hegel H80 USB Mac mini - no remote control


I using a Mac mini as roon endpoint having it connected via USB to my Hegel h80.
When using for instance iTunes on the MAC I can control playback with the Hegel remote.
But not with roon. Shouldnt this work? What to do?


Anyone? Appreciate any help.
I usually run most music through my allo digione, but it would be nice to know if it worked.

Hegel does not support Roon at least not that model. I think they are planning to support Roon only with A few new products.

I was not meaning that the hegel would run a roon endpoint. The roon endpoint is running on MAC OS (the mini) and then USB from the MAC mini to the hegel.

I don’t think it is Roon ready

Roon recommends not directly connecting your core to your DAC. Connect your allo back up.

Edit… Sorry that is not answering your remote question. I think it still a Roon ready/ tested issue with that Hegel

Actually, its not connected from the core. Its connected from an endpoint which is the MAC mini to the DAC on the Hegel. The control would be the USB HID protocol which iTunes is picking up when not using roon for example. I really thought this was available.

I was really hoping someone else would comment on this. Maybe you should contact Hegel support for more information.