Hegel Roon Ready status statement

I do not want to give an ETA on it. But I can say that we dont believe it will take so long since we feel certain that the big hurdles are behind us and that it is simply tweaking for the different signal path + DSD


There was a mention that the delay of Roon for 390/590 was because of the “bit-perfect” DAC architecture that is not shared with the H120 and the H190.

Can you clarify if this is true? Also, how far are we from the deployment of Roon for 390/590?


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yes, just press the speaker / volume button and chose from the pop-up the on/off button left above.
Thats all.

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So I guess this thread is now dead because Hegel has the 120 and 190 roon ready? What about us 390 and 590 people are we just out of luck now for updates? will it be another 3 years without the roon ready capability?


Anders has been active on the forums and has said they are hard at work on those two Amps so let’s hope in 2022 they see the light of day.
I can understand why they are not promising any delivery dates after what has bitten them over the last few years.

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Just hope it doesn’t take a couple of years like the last time

I have put mine, a H390, up for sale (in Norway).
It will probably be sold before it reaches the long awaited Roon Ready status.
That hegel delivered on the other models is a hopefull sign.:partying_face:

Curious to know what you will replace it with, if you’re willing to share

It will probably be a Accuphase E-480 or E-5000.

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My H390 has left my house, it served me well.
This means my interest in this thread is none, but will follow it.
I hope for all you H390 and H590 users that Roon Ready is soon to be fulfilled.


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May we know your digital source and how you will get Roon?

One month has passed, are we any closer than.1 percent for 390/590 roon readiness?

Don’t hope for me - couldn’t care less about Roon Ready. Lumin T2 does the business.

We are closer than one month ago for sure. I thought it would have gone faster, but it is just a very thorough operation. Sorry about that


Anders, with all our respect, but in that case 60 days of free Roon isn’t enough.

It may look like blackmail, but H390 owners with their patience (and the money they spent) have deserved a free annual Roon subscription.
Also with the reason that the H390 was the first Hegel amplifier with declared Roon support.
Hopefully there won’t be any skeletons in the closet at the end of the Roon ready journey regarding “bit-perfect DAC” or other hidden secrets.


Wow! I broke out in a light sweat when I read that. Having patiently waited a couple of years with my excellent 390, to have Hegel actually announcing a time frame for RR is remarkable.
Can’t wait to try it, though I’m really not expecting it to make a quantum leap in quality which is already 99.n % in my satisfied customer opinion. But who knows!?