Hegel XLR input not fully muted after changing inputs

I have noticed something strange in my Hegel H120. I have Lumin D2 connected to Hegel via XLR inputs, volume output set to fixed. When I switch Hegel to another input, I still hear music from Lumin very quietly in the speakers (I really have to put my ear next to the tweeter, it is very faint). As if the music “leaked” from the XLR connector to other inputs …

Can anyone using Hegel share any experience regarding XLR inputs…

Could you physically reorient the cables such that XLR cable and the interconnect for the other input are as far away from each other, with no or minimal overlap?

If your other interconnect is RCA, could you try a different RCA cable? Do you know if your RCA shield is floating?

Hi, I switched to RCA cables and the problem disappeared completely. Thanks.