Hello. How do I dictate in Roon whether I want to use Tidal or Qobuz

I am finding that I cannot control whether I’m in Qobuz or in Tidal. Is there an option to do so?

Thanks to everyone in advance that posts,
John in Phoenix

If you have Tidal/Qobuz integrated in Roon they will be listed in the menu, 3 bars upper left corner for menu.

Disable one or the other or both in settings services…that’s one way, focus is the other I think

Thanks everybody!

I have logged on to Roon and selected Qobuzz. How do I know it is actually searching in Qobuz only?

I believe it is still grabbing songs from Tidal at lower-resolution.

Thanks everybody!

You are about two years behind this request:

Have you tried the search function? It’s surprisingly good.

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