Hello. There’s a break down report!

Version1.8(build952)will break down when tap the setting button. But the ios remoter works fine. It can still use. My device is Soundaware AMC D2. It’s a new product. By the way ,it also has the little pops during the playback,1~3times a song ,but not every time. I’ve tried the option of use max hardware buffer size and use power-of-2 hardware buffer size ,Did not change a thing. It’s a little bother ,is there another way to fix it ? My DAC is HoloAudio Spring 3 L3. Thank you!

The ‘Settings’ crash is a known issue and Roon are still working on a fix (b952 did not include a fix):

With regard to your other issue:
You need to provide further system and network connectivity details.
What format and sample rates cause the issue?
Have you asked Soundaware about the issue?

You don’t say on what OS you are using it, but if on macOS, there is a workaround here: Build 943 crashes when accessing the settings menu [Ticket In] - #65 by jonathan

That is the system of AMC D2. Its like an all in one computer. And my network communication is very simple, it’s directly linked to my router.Net Speed is 200M. And I play local file now. File’s sample has lot of format like 44.1-16bit ,192-24bit ,96-24bit , DSD64,128 ,they all have the little pops. I’ve asked the Soundaware , they said is not their problem. I think is right, cause those songs didn’t pops when I use the foobar2000 playback. So…

Do you have Exclusive mode set to On for the USB output?

yeah ASIO to the usb output.

I find when I turn the setting device setup Resync Delay to 1000ms the pop issue is better, it only pop once since I change it, is that the problem? Why?

I did have an issue where clicking on settings would cause the application to close immediately.

What I did was backup Roon via remote, uninstall Roon, reinstall it and restore from the backup.

Btw, you should update your Windows 10 box as 1809 is end of life and doesn’t get any security updates.


Thank you for your advice! The iOS remoter is still work so I can wait the next version to fix it :blush:. This version of windows 10 is a custom made by the Soundaware company. So I can’t change it, they do some works to make the sound better from the BIOS. The non-music functions are deleted.

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The setting button Breakdown issue is solved by reinstall it. Thank you.

I wouldn’t be so sure about that, it is an intermittent issue. On the Mac it starts to work if you leave the program running for a while. However it breaks again at a later date.

Hi @Shuai_Cao, @TheRiz, @Anthony_Bates,

The fatal crash on accessing the Settings page within Roon is a rare known issue we’re currently working to correct. We’re providing updates in this thread: Build 943 crashes when accessing the settings menu [Ticket In]

For a workaround in the meantime, you can access Settings in Roon by clicking your Roon avatar and selecting “Manage Profiles.”

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