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I am running a Nucleus plus with a connected external hard drive. I just noticed it is no longer seeing my music file on my Macbook Pro that is connected to the network (it had in the past… now it says “this drive is not available”). Both are hardwired to the network. I tried re-adding it as a folder in the storage setting, but the Nucleus only sees the attached external hard drive. I followed all the directions I could find for adding a network share. I made sure all the sharing was on on the MBP. I tried to add it using the network share location both by copying the location and then using the IP address. Both ways I get "There was an unexpected error: Invalid Network Path

Appreciate any help

I had the same problem but with acces to My drive in Logitech Media Server for my Squeezebox.
I solved it with this information :


Thanks! Apologies, as I am terrible at this. I can follow the instructions but what should I be giving the access to instead of intego? Just the Roon app?

Yes, I think so

Appreciate the help but still a no go… Now I am getting “unexpected error”. Trying to find info to make sure I am entering the Network Share Location correctly as it is still not finding the Mac in storage

Got it… now I have a new problem ha ha. Thanks for all your help

Hi @Jonathan_Slawsby ,

Can you please verify if this guide helps you re-configure the settings?

It is part of it (at least in my case). I also had an issue with multiple music folders so I was watching the wrong one. I think somehow it ended up out of whack after my last software update

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