Help backing up database

Could someone explain to me how I would back up all of my Roon’s data base to an external drive?

I just got a outboard 2TB SSD that plugs (USB C) directly into my MAC Mini. Inside my 2012 MAC Mini, I have a 1TB SSD dedicated just to Roon and then another 1TB HDD that is where I store my automatic Roon Back ups. My question is, i recently copied all my Roon BU’s to this outboard SSD, I wonder do I have all the data that I would need to install all my music into a new computer …in case there could be some disaster at home and I lose the whole system ?

You may have to enter the new path to the new destination in the backup settings. But why not just make a new (manual) backup to the external SSD to be sure that you are save in case of a disaster?

I think I have already done that with my outboard 2TB SSD…My question is…is all I copied enough to populate a new computer s in case of a disaster at home…

From Knowledge base: “Your Roon database is full of information about the music you love. In addition to your library’s metadata, it also contains any edits you’ve made, your play history, all of your Roon playlists, your favorites, your settings, and more. All of this information is stored in your Roon Database. This database is designed to be extremely resilient but catastrophic events like failing hard drives, power cuts, or other unexpected disturbances can corrupt your database. In rare cases, corrupt databases can be unrecoverable, so it’s important you backup regularly to avoid losing data.”

The backup does not contain your local music files…

Here’s more info:

Thanks Jan…That’s exactly what I needed to know…I really appreciate your help!!!

Will be done today…I simply could not ever imagine losing my entire Music Library…sometimes music is what I need to survive!!!


I must be blind…I can find everything except how to actually back up the Music Files…So for now I just used Carbon Copy Clone to copy my whole drive… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You need to backup your music files yourself. There is no “Backup Music” button in Roon. Although, that has been the source of a couple of discussions recently. See:

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Thanks for the reply…however…where do I find the Music Files? I do not want to copy iTunes for they only let in standard res 16/44 files…I want a copy of all my Music, high res and all…can you tell me where to look for those files?

Hi larry,

When you setup Roon, you choose where Roon sees your music files. If you go to Settings/Storage it should show you the location(s) that are being watched by Roon.

If you did not specifically select a storage location, then Roon is using the default location depending upon the Operating System. I am not a Mac guy, so I am not sure of the default location that is set for Macs, but, in Windows, Roon defaults to looking at the user’s music folder.

Thanks Dan! I really appreciate your help! I’ll give that a shot!


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