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NUC i7 w/ ROCK
Attached USB HDD w/music library on it…

Description of Issue

Hello, I’ve had a bit of a tricky time recently (discussed on another topic here) whereby my previous attached HDD (attached via USB) failed. I lost all my music and, as I hadn’t backed it up, I am consequently am having to rip it all again from my CDs. What a pain!
I have started the arduous process but I don’t want the same thing to happen again. So, the question is: how should I back up my music collection? Is it simply a case of removing the HDD from the NUC (Roon Core) and transferring the data onto a computer for safe-keeping? Or is there different way? Is there a way I can back up the library onto the SSD drive in the NUC?
Interestingly, when I’ve been re-ripping the CDs, the import date for the music has been set to the original import date, not the new import date.
Anyway, all suggestions or links to advice about backing up the music library gratefully received.

Hello. I am brand new to Roon. However, for many years, I have used a backup service called Carbonite. There are several plans. I combine it with on-site backup to external HDs.

Carbonite saved my entire iTunes library many years ago.


(Running Roon Core on an inexpensive laptop and external HD)

If you only have the one SSD drive, then you shouldn’t back your music up there. That should be strictly for Roon’s OS.

Yes, that’s one way and probably the simplest and quickest. Roon exposes a Share to your HDD, so you also could do it over the network.

I have a 2nd internal drive in my ROCK NUC and I use the ‘Goodsync’ program for backup because it preserves the original import dates.

Yes, because your Roon database was still intact.

I recommend you replicate your library twice at home and once in the cloud. I have the master copy on my laptop, and a copy of this is on a USB drive attached to my Roon core (ROCK.)

For cloud backup, I use Borg plus Vorta* with a Hetzner Storage Box.

Ideally, you need a deduplicating backup solution, so any metadata changes don’t result in the whole file being uploaded again.

*Linux and Mac only. Command line and other GUIs are available.

Great. Thanks for the advice everyone.
In terms of using another computer, could that be as simple as dragging dropping a folder? Or would you recommend something more sophisticated?

Yes, see this help guide.

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