Help Beyond Frustrated

Switch from a Mac to Pc.Can get to play PCM but not DSD.Dac shows 256dsd buy all i get is badly broken up music and Roon mad hqplayer look like someone is shaking the crap out of it.Mac up and running in minutes.PC 2 days frustration .

Trying to play tidal with hqplayer can’t get DSD to work.Small window in hqplayer keeps saying wait while a green bar goes back and forth.Hqplayer also closed a couple of times ??? Stumped

@andybob might be able to give you some suggestions. I would be interested in hearing your impressions after everything is done and stable. have been kicking around the idea of using hqplayer upconversion

Running now 256 native DSD.Only get it to work with the close form filter.I thought poly sinc was able to work with everything.I don’t understand the small hqplayer window with green line going back and forth a bit before song plays.Nevef had that ion my Mac ?

Using Asio driver right now.Also have the choice of wasabi driver.Like I said new to windows any preference for Asio or Wasapi driver.Learning curve for me.

Hi Jason,

If you are still having problems, can you provide system details and screenshots of your HQP settings ?

Have it working at DSD 256 now with closed form .Poly sinc filters don’t seem to work for me

What are your system’s specs? Have you tried the -2s versions?

Poly-sinc to DSD256 is a rather heavy combo – you’d need a quad core i7 to do the heavy lifting. The -2s filters are much easier to process.

I thought closed form required more processor power then poly sinc ? Closed form works .

Closed form would run easily if you have Nvidia CUDA enabled.

With Poly-Sinc, I have mixed results with CUDA/pipeline-SDM. If you have not tried it already, uncheck both CUDA and pipeline-SdM, restart HQPlayer then try poly-sinc. Also with Poly-sinc, if you use integer multiples of sampling rates (Example 11289600 for 44.1k) it is less resource intensive and you may get better results.

On a PC, if you are using ASIO driver, make sure you try buffer time of 100ms or 250ms.

Finally as @RBM has suggested, -2s family of poly-sinc is one last thing to try.

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Very unhappy with my windows experience.Mac had a few hiccups but windows ready to go back to Mac.Playing DSD 256 last night .Today didn’t do any changes no sound.Play with it now works.Never seen this before with Mac but when I get no sound the hqplayer screen looks like it having a seizure.Upsampling everything to dsd256.When using radio function when changer format from say my flac files to tidal player stops.Spending more time screwing around then playing music.

What is a better driver for windowsUsing Asio driver right now.What about Wasapi driver ?