Help building great sound- rock, bridge, oppo sonica

i´m a bit confused with the options.
my goal is best possible sound for the buck.
at the moment i have a roon core on a windows10 i5 laptop running (will be a i7 nuc/rock in the future). my main-system is connected via ethernet to a mac mini as bridge, via usb to a oppo sonica dac. now i want to make the system smarter and better sounding. i think the bridge is the weakest part? i need a faster core for upsamling to dsd 256 or dsd512. is there a good-quality option less expansive than a microrendu with psu? is qbox a great sounding option- or is it only working? and is raspberry capable of dsd512…

i really appreciate anny advice.

I’m using rpi 3b with oppo sonica at dsd512 and the build. Works great. I’m upsampling in the core win10pro i7-7700 (not T or K) in a silent Streacom chassis.

You won’t get dsd512 on the oppo in a mac bridge setup. I have tried.

Sound is is a very subjective topic…everyone hears differently and no 2 setups are identical. But for the minimal cost of a rpi you can try it easily

anything special? fancy psu like botw? or recklockig usb board…I think original sound is quite limited?

Nope nothing just a rpi and the standard 2.5A smps