HELP! Cannot Connect To Roon - keep getting "incompatible versions" error. Both Roon and my Roon Server and my Ipad have all been completely updated, I'm Lost

Roon Core Machine

Small Green Computer sonictransport, Intel i5 processor, 8gb ram, 2.0 running (build128) production

Connected Audio Devices

iPad Pro used as Roon remote running version 1.8 (current build 952)

This must also be V2.0.

Don’t know what you mean by “both Roon and my Roon Server”, but since your Core (on SGC ?) is V2.0 then any place you are running Roon must be on V2.0., except for Roon Bridge which has not been updated.

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The Roon version on the remote (iPad) is 2.0. The software version that I noted was the Apple, IOS 1.8, the current version.

Yes, but iOS current version is V2.0 Build 1127.

@Jeff_Corbin - Are you up and running now, or do you still need help?

Sounds like you may have installed 1.8 legacy remote ? There are two versions available now to add too confusion. Roon Remote is now on v2.0 and there is Roon Remote Legacy for those that want to stay on 1.8 and not update to 2.0, neither of these is compatible with the other.

The iOS and Android apps do not update like the core and pc remote software they have to be updated via the AppStore’s. If you don’t have auto updates on for the stores then you need to manually do this with each Roon update.

I am up and running. Thanks to everyone for their assistance!

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