Help! Can't Connect Intel NUCi7 with ROCK to Lumin T2


I recently was able to setup an Intel NUCi7 with ROCK and it works marvelously connected via USB to DACs like the Lampizator Big 7 and the Ayre QB-9 Twenty, but when I try to link it to the LUMIN T2, I am coming up empty.

How do I get the two to work together?



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Sorry, I didn’t fill out the entire form. I have an ATT router in another room, connect the T2 via CAT6 to a Wifi extender, and run a longer stretch of CAT5 from the router to the Intel NUC, and connect an external HD with TONS of music to the NUC. However, since I cannot make it work, I am currently linking the hard drive directly to the Lumin T2 and using its software to play. However, I would really like to use ROON to run this.

Description of Issue
I currently cannot run ROON with the Lumin T2 in conjunction with the Intel NUC – or any other way.

In Lumin app, please make sure the Roon Ready setting of Lumin T2 is enabled.

In Roon, go to settings -> Audio, find Lumin T2 under Roon Ready devices. Enable it, assign it a zone name.

What is the brand and model of your WiFi extender? If you don’t see see Lumin T2 listed in Roon settings Audio, you may have a multicast problem with the WiFi extender and/or router. This typically involves changing IGMP settings, and disabling (AP) Isolation setting.

RESOLVED! I was trying to use the Lumin T2 to control the Intel NUC, but a computer consultant friend told me that, no, I need to use the NUC to control the T2. Running the CAT 6 cable from the NUC to the extender, and controlling it with my iPhone Xr via the ROON app, I was able to connect it with the Lumin, naming it as you suggested. That process required several attempts, but then beautiful playback resulted. Thank you!

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