HELP: Can't Import WAV folder to Roon

I have just about 300 albums in my “WAV” folder, under My Music (Drive C) of Windows 10.
Using Roon Storage Import from Watch folder, it can read only 19 albums (on 300) !!
All albums work well with other media players.
Please help.

Hey @Kiet_Lam – thanks for posting this here.

Can you confirm that the spinner in the top-right has disappeared, indicating that the import has finished? Can you describe the files and your setup in a little more detail, as described here?

Finally, do you have the ability to upload one or two of the missing WAV files to dropbox or similar, so we can take a look at them? If you don’t have access to dropbox, I can send you some information for uploading the files directly to us.

Let me know the answers to the above and we’ll figure this out. Sorry for the trouble!

Hi Mike,
Well appreciated your help.
Yes, I confirm that the spinner has disappeared and the import has finished. Roon recognized around 20 albums (on 300) , sometime 19 and sometime 22 albums.
In the meantime, I tried some FLAC and it works well.
My existing hardware is Lenovo laptop with I5, 4G Ram, Windows 10. I plan to upgrade to I7 with SSD after testing Roon.
Here is the link with one WAV folder:

Hope we find the solution, without re-converting all WAV to FLAC.

Sorry for the slow reply here @Kiet_Lam – I can reproduce this issue, so there’s something about these WAV files that are causing issues for our importing process. I’m going to pass the media onto our developers and we’ll be in touch as soon as we have some more info.

For what it’s worth, I converted some of the files into FLAC and they import without issue – up to you whether you want to use this as a workaround or a permanent fix, but thought I would mention it.