Help - Database Corrupted?

I thought it might be a Tidal problem, but I’ve removed the Tidal service, and the issue remains.

Suddenly, I can’t load any Albums (even those in my own collection). When I try, I just get a “Loading Album…” icon.

The Overview and Discover pages are also blank…

There’s activity going on, Roon claims it is trying to identify 112 newly added tracks:

It’s been like this for 30 minutes now, and Roon is showing about 20% CPU usage in Task Manager. This is RoonServer build 1.1 running on a headless server.

I’ve tried restarting Roonserver (and also the server itself) without any effect.

I had been doing some metadata editing (directly on the files, not via Roon). Has this caused a Roon database problem? I admit that I had not stopped RoonServer before starting the metadata editing, but this has not been a problem in the past. Perhaps best practice would be to stop Roon in the future.

Any ideas on how to fix this issue? Delete the database and start afresh?


OK, so I’ve invoked the nuclear option and completely uninstalled RoonServer (and its settings and database) and then reinstalled it.

RoonServer is now rebuilding my collection from my watched folders with their albums, tracks, and metadata.

It seems to be going OK. So the database probably was corrupted beyond hope.

However, let me reiterate a key question in my original post:

Is it considered best practice to stop RoonServer/Roon Core before doing any track metadata editing with a third-party metadata editor?


I’m not sure what the Roon Team suggestion is but I usually drag the album I’m editing out of my preset Roon folders and then clean the database to remove the album completely. Then I edit and drop the album back in when finished.

Thanks for the suggestion. It could be worthwhile following.

Meanwhile, I suspect that there’s a problem with the SSD on my system that is behind the issues that I’m seeing.

I’ve just run a check, and Windows has reported finding errors on the drive. I’m now trying to fix them…

Hey @Geoff_Coupe, sorry to hear that - I hope you have a backup of Roon’s DB.


To address this:

Feel free to edit while Roon is running. It will not do any harm. The worst case scenario is that Roon doesn’t notice the changes until next time it restarts–not common, but possble if things have gone wrong.

This is good to know…


Nope, but at this stage it doesn’t bother me. I do all my metadata editing external to Roon, and all the music tracks are fully backed up.
The only times I’ve used the Roon metadata editor were to change Album art from what Roon thought it should be to what it actually is…

Now, if 1.3 brings the possibility of replacing my third party editors, and makes taking/restoring backups a simpler process, then I might be changing my workflow in future…