Help finding playlists

I’m struggling to find the Roon curated playlists. I recently received an email from Roon encouraging me to check them out, but I can’t locate them! The email said “from the Roon homepage”, but I’m not sure I’ve found that either. Could I get a little direction, please? Thank you!

Open the side bar on the left, click Home at the top of the side bar. Once you are in Home, scroll down to find a lot of stuff, the Roon playlists among them

Thank you very much. Does it matter which version I’m using, because my Home Screen doesn’t look anything like that nor does it include any of the information described in the link you supplied.

The KB article unfortunately does not show an example of the whole home screen, but all the components shown in the article should be there, and more (Roon playlists are not shown in the article).

I can’t recall any significant changes to Home since Roon 1.8

I am not at home so cannot screenshot mine right now. Can you make a screenshot of what you are seeing?

Since @Suedkiez can’t give you a screenshot of his view atm, here’s a screenshot of the “Playlists by Roon” section of my Home view. For me it appears after “Your Daily Mixes” and before my “Recent listening” stats.

As Suedkiez mentioned, all the sections of Home mentioned in the KB article do appear in my Home view, so they should be there for you too I would think. Are you a brand new user? If so, there may be a delay before Roon’s collected enough data to be able to fully populate all the sections of Home.

Thank you, both, so much.
I have what is labeled “Overview”, which is as close to a “Home Screen” as I can find.

I can’t remember if it’s now called Home or Overview in the side bar, though I would have guessed Home.

You screenshot looks similar to what I would expect but not the same. IIRC the top of mine is like the one in the KB:

And below that the Recently Played/Added information. And then you should be able to scroll down further.

I’m not quite sure what it is that I am seeing in your screenshot :slight_smile: But maybe I remember wrongly

@Suedkiez Yes, there’s more stuff as I scroll down….New Music for me, Artist spotlight, then several things offered from Tidal (my only streaming service) including Tidal playlists. But I don’t like the Tidal playlists and was looking for the Roon playlists (one in particular). At the bottom there is an invitation to “learn more” which is what brought me here.

Sounds about right then, no idea why you are missing Roon playlists

@Gene, what version of Roon are you running? The screenshot posted doesn’t look like the current version.

@Gene, good to see another Derek Trucks fan out there.

What platform/OS are you on and what version of Roon are you running? I’m running the latest 2.0 version of Roon Core on my MacBook Pro. @Suedkiez keeps mentioning the sidebar, which is what you see when you click on the “three parallel lines icon” in the upper left of the screen. Here’s what mine looks like. So the terminology on the most recent versions of Roon is “Home”.

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@Martin_Webster Version 1.7 (build 710). Thanks, Martin!

@kitated Rabid Derek and Sue fan. I’m thinking it may be the version of Roon I’m using that may be the culprit. I figured it would catch up to me sooner or later.

Ah! That explains it. Apart from the different graphics and screen layout, the Roon playlist feature was introduced in newer versions

Is there a reason you’re running such an out-of-date version? You’re not using an Elac device by any chance?

If not, you’ll need to upgrade to Roon 1.8 Legacy or Roon 2.0, depending on your hardware. Please don’t an upgrade until you have provided the information below.

Roon Core Machine

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Networking Gear & Setup Details

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Connected Audio Devices

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Number of Tracks in Library

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Description of Issue

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@Martin_Webster In short, because 1.7 works. I’m never an early adapter, but after the horror stories I read about 1.8 and now 2.0, I’m glad I stayed put.
Due to my own limitations, if anything at all goes wrong with the download of a newer version, or the functionality of a newer version, I’m done. Roon becomes no good to me. It is becoming far too advanced and technical for “non technical” people to use. Which is a shame, because Roon is kind of a niche product to begin with. Lately, it’s becoming even more niche. I’m taking a wait and see position, but if this doesn’t sort out and simplify pretty quickly, I won’t be able to keep up.
So, for now, 1.7 does most of what I want. When it doesn’t, I’ll have to figure something else out.
Not having access to Roon playlists is the first limitation I’ve encountered. There will no doubt be others as 1.7 gets even longer in the tooth. Thank you so much to all of you for helping me identify my issue with playlists.

The “horror stories” you read about in the forum are not representative; the vast majority upgrade without issue. Consequently, you should have upgraded to 1.8 a long time ago, even if waiting for the dust to settle.

I do recommend you move to Roon 1.8 Legacy if you’re not interested in the latest features. This will give you what you want now, but you will not receive additional features.

If you wish, I can move this thread over to #support, and flag the Roon team to assist with the upgrade–but, please don’t attempt this on your own.


Forgot to ask this earlier … what Roon playlist is it you’re looking for?