Help focus performer not found

I have a question about Focus. When I go for example to the composition “Big Yellow Taxi” and I wil focus on performer, counting crows cannot be found. However Vanessa Carlton can be found. But Counting Crows recorded this song with Vanessa Carlton. Why is Counting Crows not visible when I focus on performer?

Another example is “Graceland” by Paul Simon. When I focus on performer Paul Simon not all versions are shown. For example, the Graceland 25th anniversary album will not be shown.

I checked and it behaves the same for me. Possibly because Vanessa C has a vocals credit on the track, but Counting Crows is just Primary Artist, which may not count as a Performer. Which I agree is weird, because usually the primary artist will be a performer by default, and in many cases it’s the only track credit the primary artist has.

Maybe the developers can add a focus to primary artist?