HELP. How to reconnect to Roon core

Mac OS 10.5.7 Roon build 1.8

Antipodes Wifi

Can’t get access previous Roon after power outage.

My power went out a few days ago and now I can’t remember how to get back to my previous Roon core and all my music on my Antipodes music server. It’s happened before but I can’t remember the process for reconnecting. All I’m getting is a signup window and all my music appears to be gone (although I know it’s not). How do I get back to where it was? Thanks.

Hi @rickcarl

You can go to Settings > General and choose Disconnect to disconnect from the current Core machine. After this you should be able to choose the Antipodes Core.

If you’re seeing any issues after this point please let us know what you’re seeing and we’ll be happy to help!

Thanks, Dylan,

I did what you said, got a signup window and then put in my email and password, then I got this window. Should I unauthorize?

Hi @rickcarl

Yes — If you press Unauthorize here you should be good to go.

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