Help -- How to restore Roon defaults on tags and genres?

I don’t think my specific question has been addressed in the forum, at least not that I can find.

There are many posts related to forcing Roon to utilize user tags rather than Roon defaults. Sadly, I did that.

I have concluded that, at least in my case, Roon offers better tagging, better genres and more information in its default configuration.

How do I restore the Roon defaults on tagging and genres and let Roon handle all of that? And ignore my own personal tags?

If there are specific settings I should restore, please specify what those are.

Or do I need to uninstall Roon, then reinstall and start over?

Hi Allan,

There are ways to get the metadata back to Roon defaults.

However, if you haven’t made many edits to your Roon database, it would probably be easier to start over. It would require you to stop the Roon core software and rename your Roon or Roonserver library folder and start again.

Let us know which way you want to proceed.

Cheers, Greg

I haven’t made any other changes to the Database in terms of artists, compositions, integrating Tidal, or playlists. All I did was change the setting for using genres from file tags.

So based on your response, I think starting over is probably the best approach. Please note that I’m new to Roon, and the initial setup was done by my dealer who sold me a new media server.

So specific instructions would be greatly appreciated.

But I do understand the basics, such as where I point Roon in terms of my music library, etc.

The current Core Name is DESKTOP-IICVN1I

The only other area where the default is not “prefer Roon” is on the import settings for labels, country, product code, and catalog number. On those the setting is “Prefer File.” Should I set those to “prefer Roon?” And on artwork it is set to “prefer best.” My art is pretty low res, so I wonder if I should just default to “prefer Roon?”

Hi Allen,

Ok, the import settings for labels, country, product code, and catalog number are default in the settings, so just leave that alone.

If you only changed the Genre Settings in Import Settings to Use Genre’s Extracted From a File Tags to Yes and Use Genre’s From Roon’s Metadata Service to No, then just try changing them back.

After reanalysis, that should put everything back to default. No need to start over.

Oh, and Artwork setting default is a Prefer Best.

Cheers, Greg

Many thanks. One other dumb question. How often does reanalysis occur? I can’t find the setting for that. And if I add or import a number of ripped CDs, and want to manually trigger it, how is that done?

And what is the difference between that and “Background Audio Analysis Speed?” When I click on “Fast” it starts an analysis, but the screen info says that all it is doing is generating data for volume leveling, crossfade and waveform displays.

Hi Allan,

The reanalysys should only occur once, because you made the genre change. It could occur again if you change other settings to prefer file tags or Roon metadata. It should only take a few minutes, depending on your library size.

Adding new music will automatically trigger an import, then a background analysis. One CD should take only seconds.

More info about Audio Analysis here.

Also, check out the Roon User Guide.

Cheers, Greg