Help HQPlayer flashing

Sometimes when music won’t play the HQPlayer screen flashes. This is on Windows 10 computer.

HQP flashing is a sign of it getting into a confused state – usually about its output.

As was asked a few times in your previous thread: we really need a few details about your system to say anything sensible about what could be causing this. Failure to do so will lead to non-response, as there’s nothing useful to be said.

So can you tell us a little more about:

  • Your system’s specs
  • Your endpoint (DAC connected directly to the system or NAA, ASIO or Wasapi)
  • Your network (wired, wireless or both/mixed)
  • Whether HQP is running on the same system as Roon core/server or on a different machine
  • What filter/modulator settings you are using in HQP

Computer Lenovo D30.E5-2620 V2 processor.Speed 2.1 boost 2.6.Its 6 core 12 thread.32gb Ram.Quadro K2000 graphics.Windows 10.Computer connected directly to Dac by usb.Hard drive with music external connected to computer.New to windows.Doesn’t matter if I try to upsample to 64,128 or 256 DSD get constant stuttering if cuda off load enabled.Uncheck cuda offload can upsample to DSD 128 with poly sinc.Can upsample to DSD 256 with poly sinc -2s filters with cuda off load unchecked.Can play closed form DSD 256 no problem with cuda a off load checked.Why can’t I play any poly sinc DSD format with cuda off load checked.Isn’t cuda offload suppose to help ? Any ideas ? Also Roon Core and Hqplayer on the same machine.

The non-2s polysinc filters are much more demanding than the other filters you mention. Have you tried setting ‘Pipeline SDM’ in your settings? This will improve load distribution over your 6 cores.

I have pipeline SDM box checked.Is there something else I have to do other then checking pipeline box

Also can’t get Hqplayer to play on its own.When I hit play button all I get is a box with a green bar going back and forth ?