Help identifying albums

I’ve a significant number of albums which, despite being commercially released albums, simply are not identifiable by roon. Furthermore, I’m completely unable to manually identify them either.

Some of them are found and identified by iTunes.

Here’s one CD which I loaded last night:

Can anyone provide any tips / advice on forcing roon to identify this?


I have the album, too. No identification issues here …:thinking:
It’s also available on Tidal.

Try editing Album and set Compilation to yes.


I notice on prestoclassical, all the artists and composers are last name, first name, instead of first name, last name. Also dates for the composers and roles for the artists.

Normally, when I cannot get an id I find the album on allmusic and just tag everything to match. In this case, with this type of compilation, that would be a lot of work. In any case I also couldn’t find this particular album on allmusic. So before going there, with a massive edit to roon conventions, just try adding the label and CD catalogue number. That often does the trick.

I also wasn’t able to find this album from the manual identification screen by putting “Various Artists” for the artist and “The World of the Piano” for the album. Maybe those that are getting an id like @HWZ can say what they are using if that helps?

Unfortunately, I think that we only have TIDAL metadata for this album, which we cannot apply to non-TIDAL content.

This won’t achieve anything relating to identification.

Thanks the the feedback guys. I have indeed found the album in Tidal, so roon knows about it but this is a ripped CD I have. @joel, what do you recommend I do for this and other discs like this?

What I do when roon will not Id at an album level is at least try to get id’s at a composition level. That way I still get many of the benefits of roon. It’s a two stage process.

  1. First go to the composition editor and see if I can do a merge with other identified compositions. All good if no further effort is needed.

  2. If I cannot do that then it’s a judgement call because there may be a lot or a little additional effort depending how you or your ripper tagged the files. In this case, because the album is not on allmusic either, you will have to find each individual, composition, composer and performer and edit your tags exactly as they appear there on countless other albums. This way your tags will align with rovi and you should in principle get id’s for each of the individual compositions and get many of roon’s benefits despite that fact you haven’t got an album id.

With certain type of discs with one or two works this is not a lot of additional effort. Unfortunately with complicated compilations and box sets it is. In those cases unless it is important to me I don’t bother and just add the disc to my pile of CD player only discs.

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Great tips there Tony, I will try them, thank you.

Quick to flag what won’t work, slow to say what will work.

Actually, another Rooner put me on to that tip, and it did work once.

But, it is difficult just having to guess, so I will continue to try helping.

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