Help in sorting albums

I’m sure this has been asked before but can’t find it anywhere
Is it possible to place for example individual ex Beatle records with The Beatles
And how to get 2 records released or recorded in the same year placed in the correct order of the year
And is it possible to get rid of the year that the cd was released in from the screen display as opposed to the year of actual release

Not sure you mean by ex-Beatles. Can you provide an example?

Regarding sort, this should work fine in you have both dates for Originally Released and Released. For example, the following Springsteen albums from 2019 are in the correct order according to metadata.

I prefer to Group Alternative Versions so all releases are shown together. You can choose to have each version listed separately.

If you look at The Beatles as an Artist you will see links to the individual members. Click those and all their albums come up.

Just a thought, if you had all the material in one screen, it would be un manageable…

What I mean is I want to display all the records when it comes to Beatle records they are followed by George Harrison Paul Mac John Lennon in the order they were released after The Beatles
Likewise with Crosby Stills and Nash followed by CSNY and then the individual records by Young Crosby Stills And Nash

Perhaps that should be a feature request but I still think you would end up with impossibly long lists of albums that would be easier to access via clicking a few links.

Didn’t know it couldn’t be done
No wonder I couldn’t do it😀
Haven’t been here long enough to go suggesting changes😀
Thanks for responding

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You can almost do this by using the Focus feature in the Album browser. Use the Performer criterion to select (e.g.) The Beatles, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and John Lennon, and view the results in release date order…

I say “almost” because you’ll find that also included in the list will be albums by other performers where one or more of the fab three appear as guest artists…

This my iTunes Beatles next to Roon
Not a problem finding the records it’s just keeping them together

Well, I notice that in the Roon display, you have the albums sorted by Artist. I thought you wanted them sorted by Release Date?

I’ve actually figured that one out I think
Sorted by artist but if 2 records released in one year they are sorted in the order of their release