Help! KeF refuses to switch to Roon

KEF LSX/Wired connection/firmware up to date/tried turning off and on with KEF app/Restarted my iMac/Restarted Roon/
cannot play music, keep getting that warning ''audio refused to switch to roon."
Any advice much appreciated, never had this happen before.
P.S. They aren’t showing up in Spotify either…

When you say wired do you mean USB or ethernet? Have you tried restarting your network?
Can you play to the Ela sex using any other of the connections like Bluetooth or toslink? Do the KEF connect or control apps see the speakers?
You might try a factory reset of the LSX.

Ethernet connection. I will try restarting network. Spotify can see the KEFs via Bluetooth but not wifi. Yes the KEF app sees the speakers. Thanks so much for replying

reset the Kefs, all is well. So far.

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