Help me buy speakers!

My KEF Q950 towers do double duty in my home theater and 2-ch stereo setups. They sound fine - very good, even - but I’m wondering if I can do better with dedicated speakers for my 2-ch stereo listening.

I tried a pair of KEF LS50 Metas and found them inferior to the Q950s - less presence, let assertive.

I’m willing to spend about $4,000 for a pair of speakers.

My audio chain is Lumin U1 Mini to Chord Hugo TT2/M-Scaler, which feeds (a) ampsandsound Kenzie Ovation and (b) Parasound P6 preamp/Parasound A21+ amp/SVS SB-3000 sub. My room is about 14x16 with a low ceiling of about 7 feet.

Musically, I really do have a pretty wide range of interests, but my sweet spots are acoustic-based music, classic rock and classic R&B.

Justin at ampsandsound had suggested the Kenzie Ovation could drive a nice pair of Zu Audio speakers.

Now, whether I let the Kenzie or the Parasound drive the speakers, what about these Zu’s? They seem very polarizing online - a real love/hate split, with the audio measurers being the haters. The 60-day return policy is a real attraction, as I’d need to hear them for myself.

If not the Zu, what would you recommend? Very open to suggestions. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

If you aren’t in a hurry and the Zus are appealing to you, I recommend checking them out and taking advantage of the 60-day return policy. Only you will be able to tell what sounds good in your space, and I think the popularity of Zu speakers speaks for itself. Haters gonna hate.

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Thanks - as for a tryout, I’m debating either the Omen II or the Soul Supreme, which is on sale for the next week. May go with the pricier Soul Supreme and give Zu its best shot with me.

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Audition some Harbeths.

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Based on your listening preferences high on acoustic rock, which I assume includes songs featuring vocals, I would recommend a pair of Martin Logan electrostats. They greatly excel in that area.

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