Help me choose the proper Roon software for my setup

So, I know that this has been discussed a million times, but (call me stupid :slightly_frowning_face: ) I cannot seem to understand what is the proper software that needs to be installed on my system.

So, here is the setup and how I would like this to be managed.

  • I have windows fileserver that runs 24/7 and I have all my music there. So that is going to be the source.
  • Everything is going to be fed to a Bluesound Node.
  • I will be managing the playback of music from the laptop and the phone.

So, as I understand it, I need to install:

  • “plain” Roon on the laptop
  • Roon android app for the android phone
  • and the big question: On the file server should I install Roon Server or the “plain” one? And what would be the difference in functionality that each these 2 different options will provide me?

You’ve got it.

Roon Server doesn’t have the Graphic User Interface so it’s lighter on system resources and has the advantage of restarting itself should it ever hang.
The disadvantage is that you can’t control Roon or adjust settings on the machine it’s installed on.
This won’t be an issue for you as you’d have the full install on your laptop and all the control and setting of options can be done there.

Keep in mind there are two apps for Roon on Android as well: Roon Remote is the one you’ll want to start with. Some Roon settings (DSP for example) are not available on the phone remotes due to screen space limitations.
The other Android app is Roon ARC: This allows you to access your Roon library when not on your local network.

I’d suggest you get things up and running before using ARC as some people have had difficulty getting it working. (Issues with their specific network setups. It worked no problem for me)

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Roon Server is what you want on your fileserver.

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Just installed it and it worked perfectly.
This rocks! It seems awesome.
I am aware of the ARC. I have to set up a lot now. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the immediate response!


Welcome to the wormhole. :sweat_smile: