Help me use Roon tags to replace playlists?

After reviewing years of pleas in these forums, I’ve concluded that improvements to playlist organization are not a top Roon priority. Which is a bummer, since I love playlists!

So now I’m willing to relearn using Roon tags. But I’m not sure exactly how that doesn’t just create the same clutter problem, problem? Help me understand?

Example: for 20 years, I’ve made an annual playlist of “favorite albums” for the year. Because Roon’s playlist interface does not support nesting/folders, those 20+ playlists clutter up Roon’s playlist interface and force me to (a) do a lot of scrolling or (2) resort to using special characters at the start of playlist names to force re-ordering of the list.

Is there a better way to handle this using Roon tags? Should I create separate “best albums” tag and individual “year” tags (not every one of my favorite albums was necessarily released in the year that they reached me, so I can’t just rely on Focus to combine “best album” and “release year”)? Or should I create a separate “best albums 20xx” tag for each year? And doesn’t either approach just move the interface congestion from the Playlists interface to the Tags list? Or can you nest Roon tags somehow?

PS I still rely on playlists to move groups of songs from Spotify → TIDAL → Roon using Soundiiz, so no amount of Roon tags will solve all my problems, but I’d love to declutter the Playlists display as much as I can.

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Whilst thinking this through, and to really understand what you are after, have you tried to tag playlists?
That should enable you to achieve some ‘nesting’ level(s)?

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I use tags more than playlists. I do not know if you can filter based on playlists, but on tags you can. Still hard to intersect 2 tags but usually plus and minus do cover my needs

Good idea

Not sure I follow. That still leaves me with 20+ playlists cluttering up the playlists display, no?

You are right, does not make any sense.

Of course you could assign a ´playlisttag’ to tracks to create a collection of songs, but:

  1. you cannot order your tracks.
  2. you can bookmark your ´tagplaylist’ but you are shifting thf problrm from playlist management to bookmark management.
    So no, I do not see a solution to your issue, using tags
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I have 36 playlist. Doesn’t seem cluttered to me.


You can add tags to tag. Fyi


I have the same playlist issue, and agree Roon does not believe playlist organization and archiving is important. It’s funny they ask for ideas to improve playlists and Years ago I and others suggested they allow playlist folders to be created, as iTunes was doing from inception, but nothing was ever done, as you know. So far, the community does not seem to think there’s a workaround.

I’ll watch your thread.

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Good idea. I tend to use bookmarks for things that are not in my library. Playlist only for tracks grouping. And tags for albums. Nested would be nice for all of them. Clearly there are better systems, I’ll have to rethink my use of them.

I’m at 370 but cluttered is not the word I would use, it just getting harder to scroll. And a nested sistem would keep the need for scroll a bit more under control.

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Well, Tags can be nested but are not displayed as such. If I have TAG 1 AND tAG2 and then put those tags both into Tag 3, all of them will show at the same level on the Tag screen. However, you could then just bookmark Tag 3. It is about using these tools in combination with each other that can make them more powerful.


I would like to come back on my previous response. Please take into consideration the following way of working:

In Playlist view, add a tag to dedicated playlists, in my example I apply the tag ‘dirk’ to 2 of my playlists:

Now I switch to Tag view, and filter on ‘Dirk’

I click to open and see the 2 constained playlists, and create a new bookmark 'Dirkplaylists:

If I go to e.g. Home, and now go back to Bookmarks and select Dirkplaylists:

results in:

Is this not a suitable workaround for you?


Interesting! I will have to think it through. Although this doesn’t clean up my Playlists display. But perhaps with a mix of playlists, tags, and bookmarks, I could reduce clutter. Not as nice as nested playlists, but maybe!

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