Help moving music files from m.2 OS SSD to internal storage

I am using a NUC10i3 with ROCK.

Not being a techie, I mistakenly copied music files into \rock\data\storage. Turns out they were copied into the m.2 SSD where ROCK OS is. I know this was explicitly not recommended by Roon.

How do I now move these files to the 2.5 SSD internal storage?

In my Rock I have a folder called “Internal Storage” in the “Storage Folder” where all my music is stored on my 2.5" SSD. In Roon Settings>Storage, this is also the folder that I have set that appears as “Roon Optimized Core Kit Internal Storage”. All the drives you have connected to your Rock will appear in the “Storage” Folder. If there is not a folder there then it might not be seeing your 2.5" SSD. Are you using a MAC or Windows PC to connect to the Rock when looking through the folders?

Am using Mac and PC but in either Finder and Explorer, Internal Storage isn’t found. Storage is just an empty folder. But in the GUI, it says Internal Music Storage - OK.

In the Roon settings, what does it say for the storage location?

AOD, I created a folder called Internal Storage and started moving my music there. Will see if the 2.5 SSD is being populated or not.

How can we ascertain which drive is being utilized anyway outside of checking the GUI after a while to see which drive % availability is going down?

I was just going to suggest that. I am not sure of a way to do that except to watch the storage SSD. You storage location in Roon Settings should also be called “Roon Optimized Core Kit Internal Storage”. If you have it set to the internal storage folder you created but it is not listed as “Roon Optimized Core Kit Internal Storage” in settings, then I would guess you are not loading files onto the 2.5" SSD.
You can also look at the “Roon Database & Settings” as this is the drive where the OS is installed. If the amount of available storage is decreasing rapidly then you know you are not copying to the 2.5 SSD

Edit: I was also going to suggest reformatting the 2.5" SSD if you have never done that before. Was the drive Pre-installed or did you install it?

It didn’t work. Files are still going to the m.2. I’ll reformat the 2.5 SSD as you suggested. I installed the drive.

Ok, hopefully that works

It worked. Reformatting the drive restored the missing InternalStorage file. I’ve confirmed the files are now being copied to the 2.5 SSD.

Thanks a lot mate! Have a good day.

Awesome! Glad that was an easy fix!

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