Help needed removing Roon Core artifacts from iMac

Roon Core Machine

Sonic transporter
I5 / 8GB+

Networking Gear & Setup Details

UBnet Switch over RJ45

Connected Audio Devices

Various devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Several tracks

Description of Issue

My actual Roon Core on Sonic Transport works fine. The issue is with an old Roon Core still appearing on my iMac. The iMac still appears as a Roon Core even though I have tried to convert it only to be an endpoint. I have followed previous threads regarding what files need to be deleted to remove the Roon core provisioning from the iMac. I’m only concerned this is slowing the computer. It is not otherwise affecting Roon on other endpoints.

I think you would need to delete Roon from your iMac and install the Roon Bridge program.

@Jim_F I appreciate for that helpful suggestion. Tried that a few times deleting the core application and reinstalling the endpoint. The iMac still shows as a potential Core whenever I search for Cores on my network. Any other thoughts now that we ruled this out?

What exactly did you reinstall? Did you totally delete the previous Roon software or just “some files”? Personally, I would keep the Roon core on the iMac. It’s not hurting anything and good to have a backup.

Have you removed Roon from the Applications folder? If not, open Finder and click on the iMac under Locations, then navigate to macOS, followed by Applications. Right-click on the Roon icon, and select Move to Bin.

Next, go to the Finder Go menu, and select Library. Now delete the Roon and RAAT folders.

This should have completely removed Roon. Kindly note that this is irreversible, so be certain you want to take this action. It may be necessary to restart the iMac.

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@Jim_F good question. I deleted the entire program and reinstalled. I have even looked for and deleted extraneous files according to other threads. My concern with having the core on my iMac is that it seems to draw unnecessary resources from that computer. Also, it has no real value as a back up since it was only a trial Core.

So, what EXACTLY did you reinstall. There is no trial core.

I should be more clear. So sorry. The Roon Core which was installed my iMac was not a trial core just the normal Roon Core. The current installation on that iMac is endpoint. My issue is there are artifacts left on the iMac which causes it to be seen as a Roon endpoint. Short of reformatting the hard drive I am looking to see if anyone on here or a Roon agent can direct me to which individual file artifacts I should seek out and delete to remove any traces of the Core.

I guess you mean you installed Roon Bridge, IDK. If you installed anything else, it would include Roon core. If I was in your situation and didn’t want Roon on my iMac as a backup, I would totally delete the Roon software, then install Roon Bridge. I have never heard of anyone trying to delete pieces of a Roon software installation.

@Jim_F you described my actions to this point. I had Roon core, later deleted (or uninstalled) it and then installed Roon Bridge. The iMac functions as an endpoint without issue. It seems however there are still artifact files which show the iMac as a core on my network whenever I bring on a new device.

Did you check out this?

@Martin_Webster your advice was very helpful. I also realize there is no longer a Roon Remote for Mac, only Roon or Roon Core. I’ve cleared up the situation. Thank you to all who provided feedback.

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Roon Remote for Mac is embedded in the full Roon software package. It’s always been that way, I think. That’s how it works for Windows also. That’s the (a) difference between Roon and Roon Server.

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