Help needed with display issue


Over the last couple of days a few of you has been reporting issues with the screen not able to follow the zone.
I’ve spend serious time on this, but the sad part is that I can’t reproduce it over here.

Now, since @seagull reported the issue as well I’ve noticed what might be a possible pattern: everyone that reported issue is running ROCK afaik.

Might. hehe.

So a question: is there anyone out there having this issue with a setup where he’s running RoonServer in stead of ROCK?

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Ok. With some more testing done by @seagull it now indeed appears this is a ROCK issue. What I’ve seen is that the extension is not functioning anymore, but after a reset of the Roon server software on ROCK it works.

Now, I expect that over time it stops again, but at least we now a little bit more.

Would be great if @Lloyd_Borrett can also test this: reset your ROCK and see if the display goes back to working correctly (at least for some time).

Thanks everyone that helped out with sending feedback, testing stuff and being patient :wink:

Thanks @spockfish for doing the heavy lifting. :sunglasses:

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By ‘reset’, do you mean reboot, or for me to choose the Roon Database and Settings ‘Reset’ option on the ROCK screen?

just restart the roon server software from ROCK’s webpage

Rebooted ROCK. Rebooted RoPieee. Played stuff, but screen doesn’t update properly. Restarted extension. Screen still didn’t update properly. See 295af7aadfc5ad1b

Try the Beta channel.
It works for me.

I’m already on the beta channel. ropieee-version 157-1

Display comes up when I restart the Roon Remote Extension. But doesn’t update from there. Seems to always report that it’s 1:12 into the track.

Rebooted everything on my work setup again. Now the display seems to be working okay. It played through an album and then started into Radio tracks, updating the display properly along the way.

I’ve just added another zone and it still seems to updating the display properly.

Feedback 842d02a8d98a9c1c

I’ll try it again on my home system tonight.

What was it Harry? @spockfish

Oh dear! Came in to work this morning. Turned on the two amps. Used the touch screen to restart Roon playing. (I also used it to stop playing at the end of the work day yesterday.)

No screen updates again. Interesting that yet again it says that it’s 1:12 into the track that it’s stuck on. That time is a constant.

Right now it’s still grouped with another Zone.

@spockfish What would you like me to do so as to provide you with more helpful information?

restart ROCK.

Will sending through the feedback before I restart ROCK be of any use?

Yeah. But I think’s it’s gonna confirm what I already saw earlier: the extensions somehow does not get information from Roon server.

Here you go Harry. See 365bfa925c32c318

Update: I’ve restarted ROCK and the display is still not working again.

Here are some ramblings about my currect issues with Roon.


Much of the time when I try to start some music playing via Roon Remote running on an iPad Pro or Windows 10, it can take 10 to 30 seconds for the music to start playing. I suspect my two Intel i7 NUCs are in some sleep mode or power saving state and it takes them time to get going. It would be nice to know how either the BIOS settings, or some other ROCK or Roon settings could be changed to avoid this.

On one of the NUCs the music files are on a Synology NAS. On the other NUC the music files are on an external USB3 drive connected to the NUC. Maybe these disk storage devices are in a sleep state and need time to wake up.


My two iPad Pros running the Apple Roon Remote app often loose their connections to the Roon Core running as ROCK on the NUCs. Roon Remote running on Windows 10 still works. The only way to get the iPads connected again seems to be to shut them down and power them up again. Roon @support have been looking into this problem for months now but I don’t think they have a fix yet.


Since the last Roon software update I’ve been having problems with the RPi touch screens on two of my DACs working properly. This seems to be a communications problem between the RoPieee Remote Control extension and ROCK running on the NUCs. Or maybe Harry @spockfish has narrowed it down a bit more than that.

Of course all of these issues could be totally separate, but I’m starting to think that at least the last two could have something in common.