Help needed with Khazul Roon Extension Deep Harmony


I have been using this docker Image for a while on my Docker installed in Synology NAS. It has been working fine.

The Roon latest update 1211 seems to have broken it and after many attempts I decided to uninstall the Image and reinstall it. When I now try to reinstall it (with “latest”), Docker pulls version 354 insead of the latest 387. Roon also shows the update message.

However, I am unable to get into Settings in the Roon Extensions setup. The moment I hit Settings the client app (Windows, Android all of them) crash. Without getting into settings I cannot update the extension.

I am wondering why Docker pulls 354 for latest. In fact 387 is not even on Docker. Should I be doing something different to pull the latest version of the Image?

The most recent “latest” container is the version you refer to, which includes the 2.6.0 version of the extension. Looking at Docker Hub, I can tell you that there is no later container than what you’ve got.

The last few messages of the main thread on the extension might help. Take a look at the comments around running the container in bridge vs. host mode. Those comments discuss how the extension is capable of updating itself from 2.6.0 → 2.6.7 in one mode but only works correctly in the other. Perhaps that will shed some light on what you’re seeing.

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I’ve been using the plugin via Extension Manager o a spare pi works far better than it did via docker on my NAS even though it’s essentially doing the same thing. All updates fine.

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This got fixed automatically. Just kept retrying at some point it decided to work!

Thanks a lot for your assistance.